UniGuard Offers GPS Fuel Monitoring to Ensure Wise Fuel Costs and Prevent Fuel Thefts

UniGuard, a professional GPS Tracking System supplier, releases a new designed and cutting-edge GPS fuel monitoring system to reduce fuel costs and prevent fuel thefts.

UniGuard Offers GPS Fuel Monitoring to Ensure Wise Fuel Costs and Prevent Fuel Thefts
Shenzhen, China, March 29, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Fleet owners have always been worrying about the fuel consumption cost of their fleets. And the recent Russia and Ukraine conflict has destructively increased the world average oil cost. A 2019 study found that fuel costs can take up to one-third of the fleet managing cost It is time to have a clear view of how gasoline is consumed now. UniGuard, China’s experienced and professional GPS tracking solution supplier, has released creative and accurate GPS fuel monitoring to address this issue.

The application of a GPS fuel monitoring system shall enable the fleet management company to have a better view of vehicle fuel costs consumed by the fleet, avoid fuel thefts, and reduce fuel costs. With help of GPS tracking software, GPS fuel tracker device, and fuel level sensor, it is possible to check the fuel amount used during travel, left in the tank, fuel theft, or fuel leak whenever and wherever.

In addition to fuel usage fuel status monitoring, the whole system also monitors drivers’ behavior, including speedy acceleration, harsh braking, and over-speed driving. The unfriendly driving behaviors have placed a direct impact on gasoline consumption, which means driving behavior must be well controlled. Furthermore, the fuel monitoring sensor can effectively prevent driver fraud in fleet management.

UniGuard vehicle fuel tracking system is composed of GPS fuel tracking device UM777, fuel monitoring level sensor, and GPS tracking software. The whole GPS fuel monitoring system offers useful reports about fuel usage.

1. Real-time Fuel Report
The real-time fuel report gives a clear report about the fuel consumption, when where, and how much fuel is used during the trip.

2. Idle Fuel Report
The idle fuel report tells how much fuel is used while the engine idles state, as well the time and location.

3. Daily Fuel Report
Daily fuel report clearly tells how much fuel is used per day, used at an idle state, used per 100KM, added, and leaked as well.

4. Fuel Mileage Report
The fuel mileage report tells how much fuel is used and the mileage traveled during a trip.

5. Monthly Fuel Details
The monthly fuel details shall give a complete view of a vehicle’s fuel consumption, refueling, fuel leak details day by day.

6. Monthly Refuel/Leak Report
The monthly refuel/Leak report gives a total view of vehicle fuel add and leak reports with map location display and fuel graph.

7. Refuel Report
Refuel report gives fuel adding amount, time, duration, and address.

Emily Yu, International Sales Manager of UniGuard, commented, "The core of GPS fuel monitoring is to enhance fleet management with help of GPS tracking technology and ultrasonic fuel level sensor. On our advanced and user-friendly GPS tracking software, we can grant all clients direct control and access to their own fleet. It will definitely help our clients reduce operating cost."
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GPS Fuel Tracker UM777

GPS Fuel Tracker UM777

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