James Sloan Takes Firm Stand on Issues Important to Tennessee House of Representatives District 63

James Sloan, a conservative Republican candidate for Tennessee House of Representatives District 63, announces his key platform issues as they align with the voters and approximately 100,000 citizens of eastern Williamson County, Tennessee, who reside in House District 63 stating that, "My stance on issues will always align with the majority of my constituents as I work to get issues and problems addressed while maintaining a balanced state budget and protection of our individual civil rights."

James Sloan Takes Firm Stand on Issues Important to Tennessee House of Representatives District 63
Franklin, TN, June 21, 2022 --(PR.com)-- James Sloan, a conservative Republican candidate for Tennessee House of Representatives District 63, continues to take a firm stand on issues important to the voters and approximately 100,000 citizens which makes up the Tennessee House of Representative District 63 territory which encompasses eastern Williamson County, Tennessee.

“I have traveled throughout my district speaking with 1,000’s of voters to be sure that I am in-sync with the will of the people in relation to the issues which are important to my potential constituents, neighbors, and friends in my district," stated James Sloan. “They are very concerned with education of their children and potential infringement of their individual civil liberties and rights."

"These have been the top priorities that I have heard from parents,” he continued. “In addition, all the district voters and citizens are concerned about infrastructure in relation to the vast expansion of housing and subdivisions which have been built all over eastern Williamson County contributing to the massive traffic problems which have come with this over development without infrastructure to handle such volume,” Sloan said. “Concerns have also been raised as to whether funding and resources for public safety agencies have kept pace with this expansion to ensure each citizen’s safety if those public safety resources are needed without spreading them too thin."

Sloan went on to emphasize: "This includes our police, fire, EMS, first responders, and other agencies deemed needed by the citizens, county, and cities to serve the public.”

Sloan’s campaign team provided the key issues of concern to his candidacy and which makes up his key platform for election as outlined by the citizens Sloan has spoken with inside his district. While Sloan’s team say that this list is not all inclusive of issues that Sloan will face as a state legislator, it is the issues that Sloan is passionate about and that coincide with the priorities of the people of District 63. The issues Sloan has prioritized on his candidacy platform consist of:

· Citizen protection from federal and state government mandates in any proposed legislation which would or has the potential to infringe on individual Civil Liberties and Rights.

· Full funding and support for all public safety agencies to ensure those resources are available when needed for all citizens; specifically, fire, police, first responders, and EMS

· Priority on school safety and back to the basics in education: Educate Our Children, Don’t Manipulate Our Children. Morals, ethics, and belief systems should be reserved for the family unit; not attempted to be instilled by a government agency or system.

· A balanced state budget with an emphasis on infrastructure spending for needed improvements in roads, bridges, improved efficiency of systems, better access to government services and opportunities for expansion of small businesses including our farmers.

· Increase in rural infrastructure in areas of cell phone coverage, high speed internet, healthcare and other necessary services. While Williamson County is not considered rural, the citizens of District 63 visit, vacation, and utilize Tennessee state owned lands in rural areas of the state where very few reliable resources are in place to help them in an emergency to include simple access to cell phone coverage to call for help.

· Mental health expansion for better access and treatment for those in need. In 2020, approximately 60% of all deaths in which a gun was used were suicides. There is a mental health crisis in this country and it needs to be addressed starting at the state level. Sloan also understands that with any mental health crisis mechanism, there needs to be careful and thorough debate before implementation; particularly as it pertains to keeping guns out of the hands of people who have or who plan to demonstrate improper use which may jeopardize the safety of themselves, our children, or us. "Due process" must always be included in any changes, as well as, preservation of individual civil liberties and civil rights.

· Affordable insurance and better access to healthcare throughout the state of Tennessee; particularly as it pertains to preventive healthcare and general healthcare services.

· Full support of the 2nd Amendment and all amendments of the Constitution of the United States that none will be infringed upon ever.

James Sloan’s professional occupation is as a certified electrocardiology technologist with Vanderbilt University Hospital System. Sloan stated that he has been very open about his Christian beliefs and how they will steer his moral and ethical conduct and judgement as he serves in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Sloan is a graduate of the Williamson County School system and received all his college and professional training at institutions in middle Tennessee. Sloan's campaign team commented that he is proud to be one of the only long-term Tennessee resident in this race and the only one who has always resided in District 63, as well as, his being an alumni of the local TN school and college systems. He resides in the Bethesda community of Williamson County. Sloan stated that he looks forward to serving the citizens of House District 63 with the primary elections scheduled for August 4, 2022 and early voting begins July 15.
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