Idaho Pawn and Gold Announces Free Testing for All Precious Metals

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing gold, silver, or another precious metal to find out the purchase was expensive and the product fake. Idaho Pawn and Gold announced they would test precious metals free of charge.

Idaho Pawn and Gold Announces Free Testing for All Precious Metals
Nampa, ID, August 13, 2022 --( Precious metals are worth money. There are also sellers who engage in selling fake gold and silver bullion, gold coins, and other precious metals. Spending money on something and finding out later it is fake would be an awful outcome.

Idaho Pawn and Gold sees gas station gold, fake gold, gold plated bullion and other precious metal items that appear real on the outside but when they test it they discover that the product is an metal alloy covered with a thin coating of gold or another precious metals.

Without the knowledge or ability to test what is for sale, there is a risk that the product for sale may be counterfeit. Counterfeiters are getting more clever and technical when they attempt to mimic the real deal.

Idaho Pawn and Gold announced they have a testing program for all precious metals and are happy to test precious metals while the customer waits. Within minutes the customer will know the content of them metals.

They will then make and offer to buy or pawn against the item should the customer make this choice.

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