Prolific Author Releases Three Children's Books

Dr. Rayna M. Gangi adds three new books to her list of popular children's books to help parents and teachers get kids back to nature.

Prolific Author Releases Three Children's Books
Mobile, AL, August 16, 2022 --( Dr. Rayna M. Gangi has completed her third children's book this year entitled "The Farm." Her children's books capture the spirit and messages animals and nature provide for us. The Sky and Your Earthwalk looks at everything from clouds to planets and then takes kids on a walk through nature where they learn what crossing a bridge may mean or what seeing a hawk means. Birds and Bugs tells the story of special messages we get from birds and the simple meaning of bug spirits. The Farm is a story of animals, vegetables and fruits, all with a spirit of their own. Each has a message to convey or a reason for being.

Teachers, parents, and kids will find the photos and rhymes on every page captivating yet easy to read. "My animal book was so popular I had to do a second one and kids let me know how fascinating they were. So now they learn about the sky, the earth, birds, bugs, and in the new book, everything they might see on a farm."
Elsa Claverie