Black-Owned Workbnb Enters Oklahoma’s Real Estate Market with a Tech-Savvy Bang

Black-Owned Workbnb Enters Oklahoma’s Real Estate Market with a Tech-Savvy Bang
Tulsa, OK, October 21, 2022 --( Workbnb, Inc., a Techstars portfolio company, announces plans to list up to one hundred rental properties within the next 6-8 months to improve living conditions for blue-collar workers traveling for extended periods. This concept, better known as “workforce rental homes,” is currently available in Tulsa, and the startup is building, testing, and raising capital for the beta launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. At this major tech convention, Workbnb, Inc. will introduce OTX, the first state of the art booking application prototype, for Workbnb.

Workbnb, Inc. plans to list a variety of rental properties, including single-family homes, duplexes, and lofts, and is also planning to initiate the development of a tiny home community made of shipping containers. The company will leverage the highly anticipated Workbnb App to fill the inventory at a 95% occupancy target for the next 10 years. Founded in Nevada by Yeves Perez and Daj'Anique Staples in 2021, Workbnb is bringing national attention to Tulsa for solving market gaps in one of the world’s top industries, travel, real estate and e-commerce.

“This is why Build In Tulsa exists, to elevate black founders who are coming up with innovative solutions, tackling issues everyday people face,” says Ashli Sims, Managing Director of Build In Tulsa. Build In Tulsa is a nonprofit initiative committed to providing Black founders with the human, social, and financial capital they need to succeed. “We’re happy to partner with Techstars to attract start-ups like Workbnb that are building in Tulsa and growing the local economy," Sims continues.

As tech continues to gain momentum in Tulsa, Atento Capital, recently held an Investor Reveal event and Perez delivered a compelling pitch to Tulsa-based investors titled "I Believe" in which the tech founder crystalizes the problem:

"Traveling workers make up the fabric of American society, and when employers cannot find decent and safe housing for these workers, the alternative is living in hotels and motels for months. And you don't get a sense of belonging with experiences like this."

Workbnb is on a mission to improve the lives of millions of workers across the country by accelerating the proliferation of workforce rental homes. “Construction workers, traveling nurses, educators, entertainers, and tech startups in most cases do not book where they stay, they get their travel assignments from the company and or investors, and with the Workbnb app, this will make living arrangements that much easier and will give a sense of belonging in a new community,” says app founder, Perez.

As an inaugural participant of the Build In Tulsa Techstars Accelerator program, Workbnb was not only accepted into the Techstars program, but some of the founders became clients, too.

“As soon as Workbnb received the first call from the Managing Director of Techstars, Tré Baker, we asked how many founders needed housing? Most of the cohort he answered, which is what we expected,” said Perez.

Workbnb, Inc acquired Sojourn International, LLC, a North Carolina-based hospitality operation, back in July to secure a wide variety of rental properties, including a half dozen in Downtown Tulsa.

Eric Garrison, CEO of CASSIE and a participant of Techstars states, “The moment Tré said we had a company named Workbnb as a resource for the cohort, and I went from frantic to instant relief! Workbnb provided my company with a fully furnished workforce rental home for three months! I was expecting the bare minimum, but to my surprise, my workforce experience rental came equipped with a dedicated workstation and a luxurious king-sized bed. I had a terry cloth bathrobe, premium toilet paper, pots, pans, and seasonings in my cupboards. The Workbnb team is the real deal!”

In September, Workbnb leadership rebranded Sojourn to “Workbnb Lab,” positioned it as a subsidiary, established vital relationships within the Tulsa community, and founded Workbnb Lab Tulsa, LLC to raise capital and hire staff locally.

Perez also recently announced that the Workbnb App would premiere on stage at the Techstars Demo Day event on November 3rd. Workbnb is also a finalist for Shark Tank costar Daymond John’s Black Entrepreneurs Day annual summit, and Perez’s interview debuts via Livestream on October 27th.

To attend the Workbnb App Demo Day premiere in person, please click here to register. To sign up your company, please text “Workbnb app” to 1-833-644-1906. For more information on Workbnb, visit

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The mission of Build In Tulsa is to close the racial wealth gap in America by catalyzing the creation of multi-generational Black wealth through tech and entrepreneurship. Rooted in the legacy of Black Wall Street, Build In Tulsa is committed to providing opportunity for minority entrepreneurs who have historically been denied resources and funding.

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Workbnb is a Build In Tulsa Techstars Accelerator portfolio company providing high quality homes to traveling workers. Founded in Reno, Nevada last year, the company has won the hearts of supporters and investors including Techstars, for developing a highly scalable, fast, and secure travel booking app for enterprise use.
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