Premier Resorts Group to Join Vacatia Inc.

Premier Resorts Group to Join Vacatia Inc.
Mill Valley, CA, November 03, 2022 --( Vacatia Inc., a leading provider of innovative, customer-centric solutions for timeshare resorts, has announced that Premier Resorts Group, which specializes in the sales and marketing of right-to-use and term products for independent timeshare resorts, is joining the company to provide enhanced capabilities and talent.

“This is exciting news for independent timeshare resorts,” says Greg Eure, head of growth at Vacatia. “Premier Resorts Group shares our core belief that timeshare sales are long overdue to be modernized with products that offer true value, transparency and flexibility for the customer and association alike. Premier’s results-oriented approach has already met with great success and they will be critical to our success as we launch VacatiaPLUS, which provides the utmost in flexibility for both members and timeshare resorts.” VacatiaPLUS is Vacatia’s innovative subscription-based membership model, which invites a new generation of travelers to independent timeshare resorts and drives new revenues for their homeowners’ associations.

“Our team has been creating innovative solutions for independent timeshare resorts for several years now with a goal of making the product more modern, flexible and cost-efficient,” says Lee Johnson, who has been named head of sales at Vacatia. “Vacatia is the company that can give us the platform to do just that. Vacatia and Premier Resorts Group joining forces will be a game-changer for this industry.”

Sales and marketing support is just one of the services that Vacatia offers its managed resorts. In the past few years, Vacatia has rapidly grown its property management services to more than 65 timeshare and condominium associations nationwide. The company has more than 750 industry partners, including some of the largest timeshare companies, relying on it for rental and resale services. Their products drive owner engagement, improve cash flow, attract new members and even finance needed property renovations. Vacatia Partner Services (VPS) is the division of Vacatia that works with property management companies and independently managed associations across the country to help timeshare resorts thrive in the modern era. To learn more about VPS’ rental, resale, subscription membership products and property management services, and how they are reinventing the timeshare experience across discovery, booking and stay, call (720) 449-6738 or visit
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