WebShield Unveils EasyAccess Rewards, EasyAccess Health, and EasyAccess Funding Enabled by a Self-Funding Privacy Network Exchange

WebShield announces the EasyAccess Network offering identity verification, consent, enrollment, and access for Personal Privacy Network services including EasyAccess Health, EasyAccess Rewards and EasyAccess Funding. These are enabled by the Privacy Network Exchange, Quantum Privacy & Proof of Trust, and allow data, digital content, software, infrastructure, contractual rights, online engagement & brands to be safely combined and re-used with unprecedented privacy, personalization & compliance.

WebShield Unveils EasyAccess Rewards, EasyAccess Health, and EasyAccess Funding Enabled by a Self-Funding Privacy Network Exchange
San Francisco, CA, November 11, 2022 --(PR.com)-- WebShield and a broad network of partners today announced the EasyAccess Network as the initial deployment of the Personal Privacy Networks collaboration announced on July 21 with Hedera and the HBAR Foundation.

EasyAccess will enable identity verification, consent, enrollment, and frictionless cross-organizational access for Personal Privacy Network-enabled services including EasyAccess Health, EasyAccess Rewards, and EasyAccess Funding.

These will be enabled by a decentralized Privacy Network Exchange using Quantum Privacy, Proof of Trust, and the Hedera Network to allow individuals and organizations to safely pool and re-use data, digital content, software, infrastructure, contractual rights, online engagement, brands, and relationships at zero-marginal cost, with unprecedented privacy, personalization, and compliance. Participants will receive Exchange Tokens and EasyAccess Rewards that align incentives by allowing revenue, resources, funding, and network equity to be pooled and shared based on agreed-upon terms, rewarding beneficial behaviors that create value for individuals, enterprises, and society while enabling shared ownership of the decentralized network of networks that emerge – all without requiring that they invest money, have special technical expertise, or risk control of their data or privacy.

EasyAccess Health will streamline patient journeys with end-to-end care coordination and online interaction for patients and their personal networks of family, caregivers, clinicians, and staff, enabling convenient plug-and-play access to personalized decision support, e-consults, telehealth, scheduling, referrals, automated prior authorization, patient assistance, payments, medication therapy management, clinical trial enrollment, and other services from disparate vendors via Personal Privacy Networks that offer unprecedented privacy and personal control.

“EasyAccess Health’s breakthrough innovation promises to reconnect a fragmented and siloed healthcare ecosystem into a patient-centered value-based marketplace for better health,” said Dr. Jack Lewin, Board Chair for the National Coalition on Health Care and Founder of Lewin and Associates. “The game-changer is that this innovation will both improve clinical outcomes and significantly reduce costs and improve profitability,” said Dr. Lewin. “Eliminating barriers to data sharing and enabling precision health on demand will transform every part of health care, clinical research and patient safety.”

“We designed our Converge virtual care platform to facilitate improved care coordination between community-based providers, hospitals, and insurers,” shared Chris Cruttenden, President of Safety Net Connect, which supports more than 10 million Medicaid, low-income and underserved patients in both urban and rural settings coast to coast. “Participating in the EasyAccess Health launch extends our ability to deliver on this goal – and ensures more patients receive safe, secure, and rapid access to high-quality whole-person care.”

EasyAccess Rewards will offer discounts, cashback, rebates, and coupons via a network of affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and online booking services for sports, entertainment, travel, and consumer-directed health, enabling self-funding viral adoption of Personal Privacy Networks.

Leading Points is using EasyAccess to enable identity verification, consent, member enrollment, and frictionless access for a growing network of online services including Military Deals, Military Travelers, and Military Tee Times. “We are excited to be working with WebShield to support our millions of military members with more convenient access to the best military-specific products and services they can trust, with the privacy protection and personal control they deserve,” said Kevin Sullivan, retired military aviation officer and CEO of Leading Points.

“We’re delighted to work with WebShield and Leading Points to help veterans get the early detection and personalized care they need to beat cancer,” said Mike “Bing” Crosby, cancer survivor and CEO of Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that will use EasyAccess to encourage veterans and active-duty military to get cancer screening and genomic testing, understand and get coverage for the best treatment options, and recruit patients for the military aviator study and other research studies.

EasyAccess Funding will enable crowdsourcing and sharing of tax-deductible donations, grants, loans, investments, pre-paid subscriptions, and in-kind resource contributions to fund, manage and govern decentralized and cross-organizational development initiatives that benefit diverse causes, networks, organizations, communities, individuals, or society at large. One of these is Global Growing Up Digital (“Global GUD”), a groundbreaking multinational research initiative designed to better understand how children’s and adolescent’s development, learning, and wellness are shaped by their access to and use of digital media within different cultures and environments.

Global GUD is a partnership of the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, and an international network of research affiliates that will use the Global Research in Pediatrics (GRiP) network to follow cohorts of children and adolescents in each of the six populated continents over ten years, capturing an unprecedented picture of young people’s use of and ambient exposure to digital media in their day-to-day lives and environments, and determining relationships with their learning, development, and physical, mental, and social health over time.

WebShield and a network of consortiums, non-profits, technology vendors and privacy experts are developing a “Universal Privacy IRB” service based on EasyAccess, Quantum Privacy and Proof of Trust that can simultaneously satisfy the user engagement and privacy, security, and data governance requirements for clinical research and observational studies in any jurisdiction on a global scale.

“Our global approach allows us to investigate the differences across cultural, social, economic, geographical, and digital environments that impact accessibility, exacerbate young people’s vulnerability, confer protection, and influence human development. Ultimately, we seek to provide product developers, policy makers, educators, health providers, and parents with strategies and tools to optimize digital media’s positive effects and mitigate its negative effects on youth” said Dr. Michael Rich, the Founder and Director of the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School.

“Once tested and proven by Global GUD research sites, the Global Research in Pediatrics Network can be used for a wide variety of medical and public health studies, and help digital children and adolescents grow up to be healthy, smart, and kind” added Dr. Rich.

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WebShield is a software company that has developed breakthrough innovations – Quantum Privacy, Proof of Trust, and the Unified Trust Model – that enable EasyAccess and Personal Privacy Networks that empower people with privacy and personal control. WebShield is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and is collaborating with dozens of ecosystem partners to launch a self-funding Web3 Privacy Network Exchange that allows people and organizations to safely pool, reprocess and reuse their most sensitive, proprietary, and regulated resources, and to receive a share of the value-added resources and revenue derived.
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