Are You Ready to Get Shroomed?

After a historical win for the war on drugs in Colorado, the state and the nation begins to look at ways to implement Magic Mushroom assisted therapy along with other plant medicine. We look at the facts behind this, and what it means for you.

Are You Ready to Get Shroomed?
Fresno, CA, November 11, 2022 --( It feels like the 70s again, says Lulu, an elderly women from Denver who recently voted to approve the use of Magic Mushrooms and Plant Medicine in assisted therapy sessions. Lulu was an activist then and is happy to see mushrooms being taken seriously with the FDA and in the treatment of Depression. Being Shroomed™ now doesn't just mean you are taking a trip to another galaxy, it could mean taking the edge off after a hard day at work.

Shroomed™ founder Andrew Gordillo has used Magic Mushrooms to help him stop drinking during the pandemic.

"I started drinking a ton once we had to shelter in place for COVID. I transitioned to working from home, like most of the country, and for me it was dangerous. I started drinking during the day. Each day, I started drinking earlier until the point that the liquor store owner already had my drink on ice when I pulled up. On top of that, my dad passed away and that just added fuel to the fire. I decided to stop drinking in December of 2020, but it wasn't easy. I started dosing Magic Mushrooms as a treatment and after a few months, the cravings for alcohol went away completely," says Andrew.

Andrew now has a daily podcast called the "Shroomed" podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast and is an activist in the fight for the legalization of Magic Mushrooms and Plant Medicine across the nation.

Oregon and Colorado are the only two states who are now approved for assisted therapy, but hope to be the poster child.

Other areas like Santa Cruz County, Oakland and San Francisco have taken the steps to decriminalize psilocybin and other natural plant medicine.

Another way to stay Shroomed™ is by using Functional Mushrooms which are the Non-Psychedelic form. These mushrooms include the medicinal mushrooms Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane and Cordyceps. These mushrooms have been used for years by Chinese medicine and have been recently trending for their robust benefits like treatments of cancer, nerve damage, arthritis, anxiety, stress, depression and many other ailments. Each mushroom has different qualities. Shroomed™ is also a provider of high quality functional mushrooms and can ship worldwide in Wholesale or Consumer amounts. Follow his podcast for the latest news in mushrooms and psychedelics.

Andrew Gordillo
Shroomed at the Meet Delic Psychedelic Conference in Vegas

Shroomed at the Meet Delic Psychedelic Conference in Vegas

Shroomed is a leading activist in Psychedelics and Mushrooms and was present for the Meet Delic Festival in Las Vegas, the first of its kind.