Resurgence Infrastructure Selected to Develop Distributed Energy Microgrid for Bowen Homes Redevelopment in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, November 16, 2022 --( Atlanta Housing has selected Bowen District Developers, which includes Resurgence Infrastructure, for the redevelopment of the 74-acre Bowen Homes site. Resurgence Infrastructure is a minority-owned developer and operator of infrastructure projects across a range of sectors focused on coupling investment in projects with equity policies that build pathways for real improvements in disadvantaged communities.

Bowen District Developers is led by McCormack Baron Salazar, The Benoit Group, Coleman and Associates, and JG Consulting, and the redevelopment contemplates more than 2,000 rental and ownership units; several acres of improved greenspace; a green storm water management system; preservation of the natural environment and an improved street network supporting a mixed-income development with retail and community amenities.

As part of the redevelopment project, Resurgence Infrastructure will design, construct, own, operate and maintain a microgrid to serve the community. Extreme weather events threaten the stability of the traditional power grid and cause power outages with significant economic losses. Compounding these losses, communities with low-income and elderly populations are disproportionately affected by extreme weather events. The solution is the integration of a sustainable and resilient microgrid: a combination of rooftop solar panels, fuel cell generation, and a battery system that can store significant kilowatt-hours of energy. Such a system will reduce stress on the grid, provide back-up and resilient power when outages occur, reduce utility bills for residents, and result in payments from the to the community when the stored power is not needed on-site.

“We are excited to be a part of such a transformational project in Northwest Atlanta,” said Cliff Franklin, President of Resurgence Infrastructure. “As one of the only minority-owned infrastructure developers and operators in the United States, equally important is the opportunity to leverage infrastructure investments to increase economic development and opportunity in disadvantaged communities,” added Franklin.

About Resurgence Infrastructure
Resurgence Infrastructure is a minority-owned developer, owner and operator of infrastructure projects across the United States, focused on providing energy and sustainability solutions to a diverse set of sectors, and leveraging the substantial investments accompanying those projects to promote real equity policies in the communities where those projects are located. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Resurgence Infrastructure and its principals have been involved in approximately $750 million of energy-related acquisitions and similar transactions, developing companies and projects that have created over 1,000 jobs in underserved areas of the country.
Resurgence Infrastructure
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