SmooSat Launches Flagship Electric Scooter – SmooSat Max

SmooSat Launches Flagship Electric Scooter – SmooSat Max
Los Angeles, CA, November 18, 2022 --( It is the time of the year again when markdowns hit a record high. It is Black Friday. Whether you take pride in pampering yourself or pride yourself as a great gift giver, or require a bit of inspiration, finding the latest and greatest is a particular skill unto itself.

Go Green on Black Friday

Before delving into self-indulgence, this is the perfect time for embracing a sustainable Earth with SmooSat’s new electric scooters. In cities such as Portland, Denver, and San Francisco, many of e-scooter trips are replacing walking trip, biking trip, public transit trip, and automotive vehicle trip. So, this Black Friday, go green with the SmooSat MAX.

Introducing the SmooSat MAX

As a good companion for any terrain whatsoever for the riders on the fast lane – both individually and in groups.

Improving upon the urban-only counterparts, the MAX comes with a 500W motor making the daunting task of hitting the top speed of 18.6 mph on a 15° hill, even at a maximum load of 264 lbs. Its 30 miles is possible thanks to its 12 Ah automotive-grade battery.

The MAX combines the safety and comfort simultaneously. Rocking 10 solid tires and front dual suspension make it a breeze to glide over rough terrains with utmost safety without a single hiccup. With the MAX, bumpy roads become smooth, effortless, and safe experiences.

Black Friday Deals and Pricing

SmooSat is offering a big discount this shopping season of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The MAX comes competitively at $699.99 with its sole machined black version. Save big and reach the peak value proposition.

SmooSat’s Vision, Accolades, and Black Friday Invite

With the launch of the flagship e-scooter, SmooSat does not stray away from its origins production philosophy.

About SmooSat

Over the past year, SmooSat has completed comprehensive upgrades to technology and product portfolio based on independent R&D, as SmooSat seek to bring enjoyable green travel solutions to families worldwide. A Smoosat scooter is not just a commuting tool or a short-lived toy, but an all-ages-loved-and-trusted companion that embodies the spirit of smooth and joyful travel. So many families step away from screens and answer the call of the wild with Smoosat scooters — forming stronger family bonds in the process.

Following up on last year’s immense success of hitting the Top 3 chart on Amazon in e-scooters, SmooSat is back this Black Friday.
Josh Shi