TelSim Software is Now Offering Free Training and Custom Development Services for Its NOAH Technology

TelSim Software is now offering 2 hours free hours of training for new Developer Account holders. Also, TelSim is announcing a new service, custom NOAH development, which gives customers a quick and easy way to professionally NOAHize web site and e-learning projects.

Tampa, FL, June 03, 2008 --( TelSim Software, the developers of the popular NOAH animated character technology for e-learning and web-based business solutions, is announcing two new service upgrades. First, TelSim is now including, free, in its Developer Account package up to two hours of initial training to get NOAH developers up and running quickly. Learning to integrate NOAH into web pages and e-learning projects isn't hard, but like any sophisticated software, there is a learning curve. The training will address how to create NOAHized projects using HTML, Flash, or one of the popular e-learning authoring tools, such as Captivate, Lectora, articulate, and PowerCONVERTER, taking users from getting NOAH working inside a project to adding emotions, movements, highighting and other built-in features to the voice files.

Secondly, TelSim is offering development services to put NOAH in web and e-learning projects built by customers. The service can include conversion to a Flash deliverable, script-writing, voice talent, voice-action file design, and production. "Our designers have a lot of experience creating NOAHized projects for clients, and they can quickly bring a lot of character and engagement to normally flat e-learning projects. We've been putting NOAH projects together for more than 3 years, and we've been getting a lot of requests from new NOAH customers to just go ahead and do the NOAH development for them. It saves time and resources", says TelSim Software’s founder and CEO, Timothy A Freriks.

TelSim Software, located in Tampa, FL, has been engaged in the development of business software solutions and custom e-learning projects since 1995.

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