GenTent® Launches Supplier Agreement with Novatio Engineering for U.S. Department of Defense Contracts

GenTent Safety Canopies today announced a partnership and supplier agreement with Novatio Engineering Inc. The agreement enables Novatio Engineering Inc. to offer GenTent systems fit to their custom, multi-fuel generators models.

Brentwood, NH, April 27, 2023 --( “Novatio is excited to partner with GenTent, the premier provider of safe, portable generator enclosures, to offer our customers unparalleled protection for our Ex-Power 2000 generators," said Mimmo Elia, CEO of Novatio Engineering. "At Novatio, we take pride in delivering reliable and safe products. With our generators and GenTent protection, Ex-Power users will be able to power their systems in even the harshest conditions.”

GenTent continues to expand its Covered by GenTent™ program enabling defense contractors and United States Government entities with a premium and affordable safety product for remote power needs. The company’s market-leading canopies keep generator operators safe by protecting the electrical panels, from any angle, while running in inclement weather -- including high winds, blizzard and hurricane force precipitation. Unlike typical generator enclosures or other canvas running covers, the GenTent system allows the generator to cool itself and ensure exhaust fumes are expelled to prevent buildup of carbon monoxide gasses.

“Novatio Engineering is committed to providing excellent real-world solutions to the defense space, as evident with the design and advancement of the Ex-Power systems,” said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales & Marketing at GenTent Safety Canopies. “With a previous history as a forward operator, the practical applications of the Ex-Power generators were immediately obvious when we began discussing opportunities with Novatio. Novatio’s emphasis on safety advanced the collaboration and enabled us to offer a GenTent safety product as part of their future bids.”

Novation Engineering Inc., its custom Ex-Power generator systems, and GenTent product lines, will be available immediately through their government contract offers.

About Novatio Engineering Inc.
Novatio Engineering is a technology development and engineering consulting company focused on combustion systems, clean energy, mechanical design, and appliances. Novatio performs engineering tasks from conceptual design through prototype fabrication. Principal staff members come from successful careers at renowned engineering consulting and technology development companies.

Novatio’s strategic partnerships allow access to machine shops, sheet metal fabrication, testing facilities and modeling tools worthy of a large company. With focus and access to state-of-the-art development tools, Novatio’s goal is to develop high value technologies quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively for their clients.

About GenTent Safety Canopies
Established in 2011, GenTent® Safety Canopies are easy-to-install weatherproof covers that ensure safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions while keeping the generator portable. The GenTent eliminates CO poisoning or electrocution risks by enabling portable generators to safely operate outdoors away from structures during wet weather. Installation is a simple 3-step operation - Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it – to WeatherProof Your Power™.

The company’s patented, portable generator safety canopies are U.S. made and relied on by the United States Army, National Guard, United States Navy, Department of Energy, NOAA, as well as homeowners and businesses during such notable storms as Hurricane Sandy, Irma, Harvey, and Maria. GenTent is considered the premier safety canopy for portable generators operated by RV owners, tailgaters, campers, homeowners, businesses and first responders. For more information, visit:
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GenTent x Novatio

GenTent x Novatio

GenTent Inverter Protective System mounted on a Novatio Ex-Power 2000 Generator System