Accounting Business Solutions by JCS Shows Small to Midsize Businesses How Bookkeeping and Accounting Best Practices Help Cut Losses and Leverage In-House Resources

In an ongoing outreach to small and midsize U.S. Manufacturing, Distribution, and Field Service businesses, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS continues its Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Accounting Software Selection Best Practices initiative by showing the differences between bookkeeping and accounting and how each is distinctively essential to the business’ efficiency, solvency, profitability, and growth.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS Shows Small to Midsize Businesses How Bookkeeping and Accounting Best Practices Help Cut Losses and Leverage In-House Resources
Chicago, IL, June 21, 2023 --( Launched as a public service campaign to help businesses accelerate their growth and optimize their accounting software, the campaign can help offset the many of the challenges currently faced by business owners.

Contrary to many business owners’ assumptions, bookkeeping and accounting are not one and the same. If a business has a bookkeeper, it still needs an accountant to apply the financial data the bookkeeper tracks, documents and reports. When the two work in tandem, fully applying best practices, the business operates on a foundation that facilitates growth through wise, real-time, practical best decisions.

However, far too many businesses – especially those that have both bookkeeping and accounting departments and staff – dismiss, or don’t fully understand the value they provide. It’s as if as long as the business remains compliant with tax laws and regulations, the business owner is satisfied that the accountant is delivering the services for which they are paid.

But, when bookkeeping applies best practices and provides accounting with accurate financial transactions data, accounting is able to precisely analyze those transactions. When accounting best practices are applied, this analysis is presented to the business owner in the specific context of a salient business decision that needs to be made. This is how best practices in business decision-making evolve – they stem from best practices in bookkeeping and accounting.

“Bookkeeping tracks, records, and stores the business’ expenses, purchases, sales, and receipts; accounting organizes, interprets, and analyzes the data bookkeeping supplies and creates financial statements. Through these statements, the business owner gets to see the complete financial picture of the business,” said Rick O’Hara, a JCS certified consultant.

“However, one small bookkeeping mistake can lead to a much larger accounting error that can cost the company in many ways. This is why JCS is invested in spotlighting the importance of best practices in both,” he added.

Dedicated to capturing the attention of businesses that are seeking internal ways to manage costs and increase profitability through efficiency, JCS’ Accounting Software Selection and Best Practices Campaign is gaining momentum throughout the U.S. Their tactical approach – teaching the most fundamental bookkeeping basics like vendor invoices and cash receipts first then graduating to showing how to leverage every feature and function of the most suitable business accounting software – is a major reason for their success to date.

The consultative Call to Action for this campaign is for business owners to meet with JCS for a 1-on-1 Needs Assessment and Discovery call with an Accounting Business Solutions by JCS certified, experienced, personable consultant. The purpose is to equip business owners with the knowledge and insight they need to make the best bookkeeping, accounting, and accounting software practices and decisions for their companies. Participants in the campaign also get access to exclusive JCS promotions and discounts on select software, upgrades, services, and accessories.

To benefit from JCS’ Best Practices campaigns, small to midsize business owners, bookkeepers, managers, and accountants are encouraged to call (800) 475-1047.
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Jennifer O'Brien