is a Platform That Treats Barbers Like Celebrities is a website that helps barbers and salon technicians improve client experience and increase personal income. It just launched a plan to recruit associate barbers from its members. Associate Barbers are guaranteed related resources for more job opportunities and options to create income. is a Platform That Treats Barbers Like Celebrities
Harrison, NY, July 05, 2023 --( is one of the few websites that really care about barbers and salon technicians. It helps them improve their clients’ experience and increase personal income.

Covering the small niche, provides layers of services to its clients. Starting from free membership, scrutiny members may find a way to accumulate rewards that payback his/her time spent on the website. To reward the early sign-ups, FirmPick designed multiple routes specifically for free members who want to turn their attention and involvement to the website into real money. Beyond that, free members can also apply for the Associate Barbers by just filling out a simple email on the contact page. has designed incremental steps for the barber members to grow, from regular barbers to Independent Barbers. It has even designed a complete plan to assist the barbers who want to set up his/her own branded barbershop.

Of course, gives the paid members a lot more boost and priorities than the free members, like any other website would do. Paid members are considered partners of the website and shortcut quite several corners in their career development routes.

The barber members, especially the Associate Barbers can work like a star who has his/her own agent, technical support team for his/her YouTube channel (influencer’s track option), and a consultant team who is always having his/her back whenever critical moments arise. "Any of these services worth back the membership fee," a member said in his review.

Barbershop/salon owners are also important partners on the platform. As a paid owner member, the shop owners may increase their profitability significantly with the help of utilizes the concept of block chain. It has its virtual currency and leans towards incentivizing earlier registrations. Some members said: "It is just like a mine, only available for the members to reveal the hidden value from inside."
Simon X. Li