Carlton Senior Living Memory Care Neighborhoods: Designed with Purpose

Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill has recently unveiled the newly renovated Memory Care Neighborhood, designed tailored to meet the needs of residents living with dementia. The community's commitment to innovative and stimulating environments that promote their residents' well-being, engagement, and dignity goes beyond traditional methods. With tactile environments and unique artwork by design specialist and artist Kaja Sedzicki, the Memory Care Neighborhood is truly one of a kind.

Carlton Senior Living Memory Care Neighborhoods: Designed with Purpose
Pleasant Hill, CA, August 17, 2023 --( Meet Kaja Sedzicki

Born and raised in Poland, Kaja Sedzicki is a talented design specialist whose journey made her an integral part of Carlton's Design and Development Team. With a background in language, literature, and education, Sedzicki's true passion has always been art. From a young age, she showcased her creativity by crafting paper collections of clothes for her Barbie doll and fashioning accessories from playdough for Lego sets. Surrounded by creative and supportive individuals during her formative years, Sedzicki's path was inevitably drawn towards a career where she could express her artistic talents.

The Intersection of Art and Utility

Sedzicki’s unique installations at Carlton Senior Living beautifully demonstrate the intersection of art and utility. One such installation features a display of familiar items like a zippered backpack, a men's shoe, a polishing brush, buckled sandals, belts, and a woman's sandal. Beyond their visual appeal, these installations have a profound impact on residents living with dementia. The textures and familiarity of these items trigger sensory experiences and memories, evoking recollections of special occasions, comforting moments, summer vacations, and school days.

For instance, the distinctive textures and buckles of the belts may evoke memories of dressing up for special occasions or the comforting feeling of securing a favorite pair of pants. The woman's sandals, with their straps and contours, may remind residents of summertime or family vacations. Meanwhile, the zippered backpack's familiar sound and functionality may transport them back to school days or past adventures.

"I love the fact that my projects here are purposeful, and I hope they bring people some joy. The smiles on their faces, once the installation is done, are priceless," says Sedzicki. Reflecting on her work, she adds, "Creating the Memory Care activity boards was my biggest challenge so far. We wanted them to be different and attractive for seniors. We were very mindful of the choice of materials and colors. I'm very grateful for the support from my team."

By participating in Carlton University, Carlton's robust training program, Sedzicki gained valuable insights about dementia and its impact on the brain. With this knowledge, Sedzicki creates pieces that stimulate the senses and evoke powerful memories and emotional connections for residents living with brain change.

At Carlton Senior Living, the motto "Life Your Life" underpins everything they do. The dedicated staff and intentionally designed environments ensure that residents live their lives to the fullest. Integrating Kaja Sedzicki's artwork into their Memory Care Neighborhoods exemplifies their commitment to providing all residents with an exceptional and enriching experience. Carlton Senior Living invites everyone to visit their newly refreshed and redesigned Memory Care Neighborhood to explore Sedzicki’s incredible artwork firsthand.
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Haley Morales