PVpallet and Heliene Join Forces to Provide Low Carbon Premium Reusable Packaging for Solar Modules

The partnership will create a more efficient and sustainable supply chain for the domestic solar industry.

PVpallet and Heliene Join Forces to Provide Low Carbon Premium Reusable Packaging for Solar Modules
Montrose, IA, August 21, 2023 --(PR.com)-- PVpallet Inc. (pvpallet.com), a leading provider of innovative solar packaging, is excited to announce its groundbreaking collaboration with Heliene Inc. (heliene.com), a manufacturer of high-quality solar photovoltaic modules. Together, they are revolutionizing the way solar modules are shipped by offering customers a sustainable, reusable packaging solution.

Customers who purchase PVpallet Series X can request to have their Heliene solar PV modules placed on the pallets as a part of the manufacturing process, eliminating the waste and cost often created by traditional wood pallets downstream. By partnering to provide this service, Heliene and PVpallet are creating a more efficient and sustainable supply chain for the domestic solar energy industry.

“At Heliene, we believe that sustainable practices should be implemented throughout the full length of our process, from the purchase of the components incorporated into our modules to delivery of our products,” said Martin Pochtaruk, CEO of Heliene. “We’re proud to collaborate with a like-minded organization that enables us to continually strive to reduce our product’s carbon footprint, while providing the highest quality and service to our clients.”

Philip Schwarz, CEO of PVpallet, emphasizes the significance of this partnership for the domestic solar industry, stating, "We are honored and proud to have the formal support of Martin and his forward-thinking team. Heliene is the first manufacturer to show an unwavering commitment to sustainability and waste reduction in their packaging options. This major development brings us one step closer to a more sustainable supply chain in the domestic solar industry."

To ensure compatibility and reliability, Heliene has rigorously tested PVpallet Series X in-house with their solar modules. This extensive testing process guarantees a secure fit and provides enhanced protection for the modules during transit. PVpallet Series X offers several advantages over traditional wooden pallets including superior durability, partial load support, improved safety, product visibility, and reduced risk of module damage during. These pallets can also be returned to Heliene for reuse on future orders, introducing a circular economy into solar module packaging and reducing costs associated with packaging waste.

This innovative collaboration not only embodies a truly sustainable solution for EPCs and installers looking to meet their ESG initiatives, but also brings exciting opportunities to the solar industry as a whole. PVpallet and Heliene are committed to advancing solar technology and consistently exceeding customer satisfaction.

About PVpallet:
PVpallet promotes a circular economy within the solar industry through innovative, reusable packaging solutions that reduce waste, promote reusability, and improve lifecycle economics. Their reusable, recyclable shipping containers are made from post-industrial HDPE and increase efficiency throughout the entire solar supply chain. For more information, visit pvpallet.com.

About Heliene:
Heliene is one of North America’s fastest-growing domestic module manufacturers serving the utility-scale, commercial, and residential markets. With an in-house logistics team and remarkably responsive support staff, Heliene delivers competitively priced, high performance solar modules precisely when and where customers need them to accelerate North America’s clean energy transition. Founded in 2010, Heliene consistently ranks as a highly bankable module manufacturer and has production facilities located in Canada, and the USA. For more information, visit www.heliene.com.
Vanessa Benkert
FischTank PR