Industrial Data Labs Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Round to Drive Innovation in Industrial Sales Processes with Applied AI

Industrial Data Labs Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Round to Drive Innovation in Industrial Sales Processes with Applied AI
Houston, TX, August 30, 2023 --( Industrial Data Labs, a Houston, TX-based startup specializing in Applied AI technology for the Pipe, Valve, Fitting, and Flange (PVF) industry, is pleased to announce the successful closing of its Seed Round, securing $1.5 million in funding. This significant investment propels the company's mission to advance sales processes by leveraging AI to tackle the challenges encountered by inside sales teams.

Industrial Data Labs has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative approach to streamlining complex workflows in the industrial sales landscape. With the seed funding, the company is poised to deliver transformative solutions that enhance efficiency and create new opportunities for customers throughout the PVF industry.

Marty Dytrych, CEO of Industrial Data Labs, emphasizes the company's commitment to empowering inside sales teams, stating, "Our groundbreaking AI-Powered Inside Sales Copilot is transforming the way inside sales teams operate in the PVF industry. By embedding our solution into existing BOM and MRO workflows, we empower teams to achieve unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and sales performance.”

Specifically tailored for the PVF industry and adopted by numerous industry-leading distributors and manufacturers, IDL’s Copilot brings a paradigm shift to inside sales workflows. Through proprietary models and advanced AI technology, IDL’s PVF-specific Copilot empowers inside sales teams with the following key advantages:

- Enhanced Efficiency: Automate time-consuming tasks and save valuable hours.
- Actionable Insights: Utilize data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
- Improved Accuracy: Eliminate errors and ensure precise product identification.
- Increased Sales Performance: Boost hit rates and drive revenue growth.

The best part? The Copilot lives right within IDL’s customers’ existing workflows—no need to integrate into a new system or change the way an inside sales team operates.

The successful Seed Round, led by prominent investors who share Industrial Data Labs' vision, validates the company's unique approach in addressing the pain points of inside sales teams. Marshal Kushniruk, Investor and member of the Board of Directors, states, "Industrial Data Labs' innovative application of AI technology has the potential to bring significant transformation to the industrial sales landscape. We are thrilled to support their mission and drive impactful change within the PVF industry.”

Mark Janzen, an early Industrial Data Labs investor, also expresses excitement about the company's future. "Industrial Data Labs is at the forefront of Applied AI solutions in the industrial sector. We believe their commitment to delivering unparalleled value to clients through their Inside Sales Copilot will have a lasting impact on the industry.”

Industrial Data Labs actively partners with prominent PVF Distributors and Manufacturers to co-create solutions that address specific pain points and generate meaningful results. By harnessing the power of AI within BOM and MRO workflows, the company aims to bring unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and revenue potential to the industrial manufacturing and distribution sector.

About Industrial Data Labs:
Industrial Data Labs is a leading company specializing in Applied AI technology for the Pipe, Valve, Fitting, and Flange (PVF) industry. With its AI-Powered Inside Sales Copilot, the company addresses the challenges faced by inside sales teams in organizing and consolidating data and finding accurate product codes within BOM and MRO workflows. Industrial Data Labs leverages proprietary models and advanced AI technology to deliver tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and revenue potential for clients in the PVF industry.
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