BlackSquare to Partner with Thirstie on Offering a Platform Integration for Global Alcohol Ecommerce

New York, NY, September 06, 2023 --( BlackSquare, a leader in global alcohol e-commerce solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Thirstie Inc., a leading alcohol delivery and e-commerce provider in the U.S. By combining BlackSquare's extensive technical, regulatory, and logistical expertise with Thirstie's innovative and patented platform, this alliance aims to build the only global e-commerce solution for alcohol brands. Together they will offer the one-stop-shop solutions to producers worldwide, facilitating more effective branded e-commerce and setting a new standard in customer experience and efficiency.

BlackSquare has been instrumental in transforming how alcohol producers connect with customers online. Navigating the complex journey from acquisition to last-mile delivery, BlackSquare's Insight platform provides the structure for stability and growth. Thirstie has streamlined alcohol delivery and compliance, offering seamless online shopping experiences across the United States.

The partnership enables BlackSquare’s Insight to integrate with Thirstie’s US-based platform, offering a comprehensive, data-driven view of business operations across all markets and digital channels. This collaboration enhances data visibility and efficiency, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

BlackSquare CEO Matthew Protti said of this new endeavour, "BlackSquare is excited about this strategic partnership with Thirstie. By combining our expertise in global alcohol e-commerce and marketing with Thirstie's robust platform in the US, we're poised to empower alcohol producers to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way.”

Thirstie CEO Maxim Razmakhin said, “For the past five years, we've concentrated our efforts on the U.S. market. However, many of our producer partners have shown interest in a unified solution for global e-commerce sales. BlackSquare emerged as the ideal partner for us; they share our vision and perfectly compliment Thirstie with their unique expertise and technology.”

About BlackSquare
Founded in 2010, BlackSquare is a global, Canadian-headquartered company specializing in end-to-end ecommerce and direct-to-consumer support for enterprise clients in the global beverage alcohol industry. BlackSquare’s proprietary Insight platform provides a full suite of digital solutions to integrate and enable every part of the digital alcohol sales journey, from customer acquisition to engagement, to ecommerce enablement, to fulfillment coordination and logistics management. Learn more about BlackSquare’s ecommerce solutions at

About Thirstie
Thirstie, a New York-based software company, is a premier e-commerce and data solutions provider for alcohol brands. The company powers legally compliant and seamlessly integrated e-commerce experiences on brands’ websites. Its comprehensive SaaS platform simplifies the complexities of online liquor sales, making it easy for brands to connect with consumers and learn their purchase behaviors. For more information, please visit
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