Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes Jiu-Jitsu Triumphs at the 2023 Orlando Championship, Securing Top Honors

Outstanding performance showcases the academy's commitment to excellence and effective training methodology

Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes Jiu-Jitsu Triumphs at the 2023 Orlando Championship, Securing Top Honors
Miami Lakes, FL, October 03, 2023 --( Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes Jiu-Jitsu, a leading academy renowned for its dedication to nurturing Jiu-Jitsu talent and securing top recognition, displayed an outstanding performance at the competition held in Orlando by the prestigious Jiu-Jitsu World League Florida V on September 16th. The academy's skilled competitors, comprising 41 kids and 13 adults, showcased their skills and dedication, securing top positions across multiple categories.

The results were nothing short of exceptional, with Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes Jiu-Jitsu securing the following awards:

Kids Gi Academy 1st Place
Kids NoGi Academy 1st Place
Kids Elite 8 1st Place
Adults NoGi Academy 1st Place
Adults Gi Academy 2nd Place
Adults Elite 8 1st Place

The event is one of the most respected tournaments on the Jiu-Jitsu calendar, attracting talented young practitioners from across the globe.

"Our training system implemented by Professor Wilson Sgai is proving very effective. The school's methodology, the students' commitment and drive, and the parental support are all coming together,” said Professor and owner Carlos Ramirez.

Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes Jiu-Jitsu remains committed to fostering an environment that supports the growth and success of its students. The academy's coaching team, led by seasoned instructors, continues to provide world-class training, enabling the young athletes to hone their techniques, build resilience, and thrive on the competitive stage.

The victories at the Orlando Championship further validate Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes Jiu-Jitsu's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, discipline, and continuous improvement. The academy continues to strive for greatness, shaping the next generation of Jiu-Jitsu athletes who demonstrate exceptional skill and dedication.

“Kids and adults are training with focus and intention to learn and implement the techniques they practice every day in training,” added Ramirez.

Professor Carlos Ramirez established the Miami Lakes Branch of Rilion Gracie Academies in 2014. He began his jiu-jitsu education under Master Rilion Gracie when Master Gracie moved from Brazil to Miami. Professor Wilson Sgai, began his jiu-jitsu journey in the year 1995 in São Paulo - Brazil training under the legendary Ryan Gracie. Professor Wilson is a 4th Degree Black Belt who moved to Miami in 2016 as a BJJ Athlete under Master Rilion Gracie as the head-coach of Rilion Gracie Miami Lakes.

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