New Signing Alert: Lotus Crush Album "Rabbit Hole" (Deluxe), Indie Alt Rock, Terry McDermott/Peter Klett

Lotus Crush has signed an exclusive WW sync representation deal with Los Angeles-based sync licensing and custom music production company, GSM FIERA, LLC. "Rabbit Hole" Album - (Deluxe). Indie Rock/Emotional/Anthemic. Lotus Crush is a passionate, anthemic rock band featuring former Driveblind vocalist Terry McDermott and Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett.

Los Angeles, CA, February 19, 2024 --( Lotus Crush: A Fusion of Experience and Innovation with "Rabbit Hole"

Pioneering '90s multi-platinum Candlebox guitarist and co-founder Peter Klett has embarked on an unprecedented musical journey alongside former '90s artist Driveblind vocalist and "The Voice" runner-up Terry McDermott, giving birth to Lotus Crush, a rock ensemble committed to delivering anthemic and passionate melodies. Klett, a pivotal figure in Candlebox's success, and McDermott, celebrated for his distinctive voice and solo accomplishments, showcase their musical synergy in the highly anticipated sophomore album, "Rabbit Hole."

Following the triumph of their debut album, "Half-Light Morning," on Fontana Records, McDermott's temporary hiatus to compete on "The Voice" briefly interrupted Lotus Crush's trajectory. Fueled by their shared passion for music, the duo regrouped, strategically navigating years of touring and individual projects to craft the compelling "Rabbit Hole."

"Rabbit Hole" stands as a testament to McDermott's emotive vocals and Klett's masterful guitar artistry. The album features the single and video for "Hearts and Minds," providing a poignant musical experience with thought-provoking lyrics and soul-stirring melodies.

In a strategic move, Lotus Crush recently secured a deal with GSM FIERA, a globally recognized sync licensing agency renowned for placing music in film, TV, and advertising. The exclusive sync licensing deal, orchestrated by Karen Ross, Owner and CEO of Ross Celebrity PR & Music Management, and Elyse Schiller, Co-Founder of Global Sophisticate Music - GSM/FIERA Music, breaks away from industry norms, resulting in a remarkable 16-song sync deal for "Rabbit Hole," a testament to the depth of Klett and McDermott's songwriting.

In another strategic move, the band, with a rich history in the music business, carefully selected a company for promoting and distributing their work. The industry buzz surrounding the band led to the decision to remaster and re-release "Rabbit Hole" through Silent Majority Group. This innovative fee-based label services company, founded by Jeff Hanson, former manager of Creed, Paramore, and Alter Bridge, distinguishes itself by refraining from taking ownership or percentages of the artists' music. SMG is distributed by OneRPM, a prominent company recognized for extensive video promotion and being one of the largest providers of music video content to YouTube.

Jeff Hanson expressed his enthusiasm for Lotus Crush, stating, "Candlebox was on my label years ago, and I've always been a huge fan of Peter's work. Lotus Crush is essentially a similar concept with new material and a world-class singer. The live show is equally incredible and is equivalent to seeing a stadium band in a more intimate setting."

With a new professional team in place and the re-release of "Rabbit Hole," Lotus Crush is poised to reach new heights in their ongoing success story.

To experience the music of Lotus Crush, please check them out on Spotify.

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About Lotus Crush:
Lotus Crush is a dynamic collaboration between Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett and "The Voice" finalist Terry McDermott. Their latest album, "Rabbit Hole," captivates listeners with its poignant lyrics, dynamic instrumentals, and McDermott's emotive vocals. The band's partnership with GSM FIERA, Ross Celebrity PR, and Silent Majority Group positions them for continued success in the music industry.
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