James Rice Releases New Book "Shooting," Chronicling Trauma and Healing Through the Leica Lens

New photo book explores the transformative role of photography on healing childhood trauma.

James Rice Releases New Book "Shooting," Chronicling Trauma and Healing Through the Leica Lens
Carmel, IN, March 12, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Midwest American photographer James Rice released his latest photo book, "Shooting," capturing the power of photography on healing and personal transformation through a candid exploration of the shadows of his childhood and the light of humanity. This gripping story begins with a life-altering moment in 1961, when Rice was faced with tragedy, loss and grief following a violent home invasion that claimed the life of his mother and left his father critically wounded.

Stripped of his early childhood joy and the cameras that connected him to his lost mother, Rice veiled his trauma under the guise of normalcy. Through the lens of loss, Rice found healing through the instrument of his Leica cameras and learned to reframe words to serve creative expression. The concept of “shooting” is explored in its full capacity, from violence to creative expression, underscoring the resilience of the human spirit and the reclamation of one’s own life story.

Through Rice’s lens, readers are invited to find beauty and meaning in the mundane, an exercise that Rice himself found instrumental in his own path to recovery. His work prompts a reflection on the universal human condition, emphasizing the role of art in understanding and overcoming extreme personal challenges.

For more information on “Shooting,” or to order a copy, please visit www.jsricephotography.com.www.jsricephotography.com
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