Take a Look into the Complicated Life of a Straightforward Author of Poetry and Prose

The poetry in this collection speaks of issues people encounter everyday. Life experiences that would wear some people down have made this young writer stronger.

Take a Look into the Complicated Life of a Straightforward Author of Poetry and Prose
Memphis, TN, June 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Announcing the release of "See What I See", a collection of poetry composed by author Susie McCray. This is a page turning, real-life depiction of a young African-American woman detailing her life's experiences from her teens to adulthood.

Susie gives a poetical account of her trials and tribulations during her search for true love, dealing with the drug addiction and untimely death of her mother, embracing the unexpected birth of her first child, and having to self-motivate herself not to give up on her dreams and aspirations.

This born and breed Memphian not only writes poetry, she also has written several short stories that appear on the internet. Susie also has several novels in progress as well.

This author maintains an exceptional balance between working a full-time federal job and being an attentive mother to her son. "I can't help it, I have to write. Even when I convince myself to pursue another career, writing keeps coming back to haunt me, until I give in," the writer says, when asked why she's adding writing to her already hectic schedule.

When asked why she is making plans to leave a job that many people retire from, this is what Susie has to say, "My job is just not my calling in life. If I was meant to be there, I wouldn't dread the drive in each afternoon. It's time to pursue my dream, My true calling."

"See What I See" was published by AuthorHouse. Since 1997, AuthorHouse has helped more than 40,000 authors put their voices into print and self-publish more than 50,000 books.

To find out more about this mult-talented author and her writings, go to her website at http://susiemccray.com.

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Susie McCray