From Hackathon to Home: Kinstak’s AI Platform to Transform Family Memories on LG Smart TVs

Kinstak partners with LG NOVA, bringing AI-driven digital legacy management into 28M homes. A standout from LG's hack-a-thon, Kinstak is set to transform how families preserve and interact with their families generational memories. This collaboration highlights innovation, family bonds, and the future of digital storytelling through AI.

From Hackathon to Home: Kinstak’s AI Platform to Transform Family Memories on LG Smart TVs
Tampa, FL, May 20, 2024 --( Kinstak, a trailblazer in AI-powered asset management solutions, is thrilled to announce its availability on the LG Content Store for smart TVs running webOS. With this announcement, Kinstak’s AI-driven platform redefines how families across North America can preserve and celebrate their digital memories, directly on certain LG smart TVs, in over 28 million homes across North America.

Selected as one of 15 global innovators to join LG NOVA’s hackathon at its annual Innovation Festival in San Francisco, Kinstak views this latest development as a milestone in digital legacy management.

As LG webOS smart TVs continue to evolve as entertainment hub, the inclusion of Kinstak in the LG NOVA hack-a-thon showcases a mutual enhancement the user experience through innovation and convenience.

Key Highlights:

Seamless Integration: Kinstak’s app will be available directly on LG TVs running webOS, providing users with unparalleled access to their digital assets through their LG smart TVs.
Enhanced User Experience: With Kinstak, LG TV users can now enjoy a more organized and accessible way to manage and experience their online and offline picture assets, including photos, graphics, and video content, all optimized for the big screen.
Expanding Reach: The integration significantly expands Kinstak’s audience, bringing its revolutionary asset management solution to over 28 million households in North America.

"Integrating with LG webOS smart TVs is a monumental step for Kinstak," said Carolyn Eagen, Founder/CEO of Kinstak. "It's a testament to our vision of making asset management as accessible and intuitive as possible. We're proud to join LG in transforming how families interact with their digital content at home, bringing a new level of personalization, convenience and efficiency to their everyday lives."

This collaboration is expected to, for digital asset management, highlight the importance of accessibility and user experience in the evolving digital landscape. Kinstak’s integration into LG webOS smart TVs is not just a leap towards innovative home entertainment solutions; it's a move towards making life's moments more memorable and accessible.

The Kinstak app is now available on LG Smart TV Content Store on webOS 23 (2023) and webOS 24 (2024) TVs. For more information on Kinstak and its features, visit

About Kinstak:
Kinstak is a leading provider of AI-powered asset management solutions, designed to streamline and simplify the way small businesses, marketing entrepreneurs, and freelance content creators organize and access their digital and physical picture assets. With a focus on innovation and user experience, Kinstak is committed to enhancing productivity and creativity across various industries. The Founder and CEO Carolyn Eagen is a technology entrepreneur dedicated to storytelling and became motived to build Kinstak to preserve her family’s digital legacy. She lost her mother unexpectedly at a young age and now as a mother of 2 she wanted a way to store, organize and preserve family stories for future generations.

Carolyn Eagen, CEO/Founder
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