UGC Video Collaboration Gets a Makeover: Veel Launches Streamlining the Process for Brands & Creators

Veel, a pioneering platform that reinvents how brands connect with niche content creators and engaged communities, officially launches today. Veel emerges from the vibrant tech ecosystem of San Francisco. With its unique offering, Veel is set to transform the landscape of digital marketing through leveraging user-generated content (UGC) in video collaborations.

UGC Video Collaboration Gets a Makeover: Veel Launches Streamlining the Process for Brands & Creators
San Francisco, CA, April 08, 2024 --( A Vision Born from Experience and Passion

Dileep Dhakal has 14 years plus of experience in product, design, and engineering, working with everything from small startups to big companies like Walmart and Apple. Since moving to San Francisco in 2013, his passion for technology and creative problem solving inspired him to focus on storytelling and creating content that highlights brand values. Dhakal has envisioned creating a platform that not only connects brands with creators but also encapsulates the essence of authentic storytelling. Veel is the embodiment of that vision, offering a bridge between brands and niche creators across the United States, with plans to expand its reach globally in the coming months.

“Hardworking, passionate problem solver and tech enthusiast.”

This statement defines the core of Dileep Dhakal's approach to innovation and leadership. His journey from the serene landscapes of Nepal to the dynamic tech scene of San Francisco embodies his relentless pursuit of creating meaningful connections through technology.

A Word from the Founder
"Growing up in Nepal and moving to the tech hub of Silicon Valley has given me a unique perspective on the power of technology, storytelling and diversity," says Dileep Dhakal, Founder of Veel. "Veel is more than just a platform; it's a gateway for brands to engage with content creators and their audiences on a profound level. We're thrilled to launch Veel in the U.S. and look forward to expanding globally, bringing our vision of authentic, impactful UGC to the world."

Data & Insights

The US UGC video market is expected to reach $21.5 billion by 2028 (Source: Grand View Research, Market size specific to the US)

72% of US marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets in 2024 (Source: Influencer Marketing Hub, Data specific to US Market).

About Veel
Veel is the leading platform for seamless UGC video collaboration, revolutionizing the way brands connect with niche- specific UGC creators and passionate customers to create powerful UGC video content. Veel is a collaboration hub where brands and UGC creators connect. Veel empowers creators to focus on their passion and monetize their talent, while helping brands leverage the authenticity and influence of user-generated videos. Veel offers a one-stop shop for effortless, secure, legal, and transparent collaboration, unlocking the full potential of UGC videos.

Benefits for Brands

Find Your Perfect Match: Discover a pool of talented UGC creators and dedicated customers who love your brand, all within your niche.

Streamline Collaboration: Engage with creators directly via integrated Email, SMS (for creators who aren’t already Veel users), and Chat (for creators who are already Veel users) features. Negotiate terms, manage contracts, and pay creators securely within the platform.

AI-Powered Video Filtration: Receive high-quality, brand-safe content thanks to Veel's advanced filtration process, ensuring videos align with your brand guidelines.

Effortless Video Management: Streamline the entire video collection, storage, and branding process for easy video embedding across your marketing channels.

Boost Brand Advocacy: Build stronger relationships with passionate customers who become brand advocates through UGC video creation.

Benefits for Creators:

Get Discovered by Brands Seeking You: Showcase your unique style and creative talent on our professional platform. Land exciting project opportunities with brands in your niche who value your individuality.

Focus on Your Creativity: Manage projects, contracts, and receive secure payments (cash & non-cash) all within Veel, allowing you to focus on creating amazing content.

Gain Powerful Visibility: Stand out from the crowd on our professional platform, connect with a supportive creator community, and build a stronger online presence.

Monetize Your Passion: Turn your passion into profit with secure and transparent payments for your creative work.

Simple and User-Friendly Platform: Veel's intuitive interface makes collaboration and project management effortless, allowing you to spend more time creating.

Veel is committed to fostering a thriving community where creators and brands can connect, collaborate, and unlock the immense potential of authentic UGC videos.
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Dileep Dhakal
Founder, CEO

Founder, CEO

Dileep Dhakal Founder, CEO Veel App

Veel App

Veel App

The Veel App can be downloaded by content creators from the App Store and Google Play Store.