MyAbroadMDs Unveils New Membership Packages Just in Time for Summer Travel Revolutionizing Preemptive Healthcare for Travelers Worldwide

MyAbroadMDs ensures travelers have access to English-speaking doctors and medical resources before their journey begins, integrating healthcare into travel preparations as crucially as passports and tickets. The platform offers a curated doctor locator, 24/7 support, and specialist matching, especially for those with pre-existing conditions, ensuring peace of mind abroad. Learn more at

MyAbroadMDs Unveils New Membership Packages Just in Time for Summer Travel Revolutionizing Preemptive Healthcare for Travelers Worldwide
New York, NY, May 15, 2024 --( As summer travel heats up, MyAbroadMDs (, a bespoke healthcare platform specializing in preemptive healthcare strategies, is excited to announce the launch of its latest membership packages, including the MyAbroadMDs Family Circle package. MyAbroadMDs offers travelers unparalleled access to medical resources and support before their journeys even begin.

Introducing the MyAbroadMDs Family Circle Package

Price: $250.00, including a 30-minute one-on-one consultation
Duration: One year
Coverage: 20 Cities/Countries

Designed for families, this package ensures comprehensive healthcare access throughout your travels. For $250.00 per year, members receive a curated list of English-speaking doctors and healthcare services in 20 key destinations, providing peace of mind and security.

Why Preemptive Healthcare Matters
In today's travel landscape, we take care of everything in advance—confirming airplane and hotel reservations, planning itineraries and activities, and making copies of passports and travel insurance. Why not also ensure we have access to English-speaking doctors before we travel abroad? In a world where health crises and cultural differences can complicate travel, MyAbroadMDs stands out by offering proactive healthcare solutions. By providing curated lists of English-speaking doctors and local medical resources in over 150 countries, MyAbroadMDs eliminates the need to rely on hotel doctors or struggle with unfamiliar healthcare systems, especially for those staying in Airbnb accommodations.

“Our new membership packages, including the MyAbroadMDs Family Circle, are designed to give travelers peace of mind,” said Cori Cohen, CEO and Founder of MyAbroadMDs. “When you have your medical resources in advance, it not only eliminates the stress and panic of relying on hotel staff or Googling for help, but it can also prevent an acute medical issue from escalating into a major emergency. Proactive healthcare planning is essential for safe and enjoyable travel experiences.”

The McGill family, who have children with severe food allergies, shared their experience: “We became members of MyAbroadMDs to provide an extra level of security for our twin daughters who have severe nut allergies. By having medical resources in advance of travel, it has really given us the confidence we need as a family to travel safely.”

Tailored Solutions for Every Traveler
MyAbroadMDs caters to a wide range of travelers, offering various membership options. The Young Explorer membership, ideal for recent high school graduates and students studying abroad, provides essential healthcare resources for a safe and healthy experience while exploring new places.

For travelers with pre-existing conditions, MyAbroadMDs recommends specialists who can provide necessary care and support abroad. This personalized approach ensures all health needs are met, allowing travelers to focus on enjoying their journey.

Affordable and Comprehensive
Membership options start at just $49.00, making MyAbroadMDs accessible to all travelers. The company also provides customized pricing for corporate benefit managers, travel agencies, and study abroad programs. Each package is designed to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of individual travelers and families alike.

About MyAbroadMDs
MyAbroadMDs is the ultimate global healthcare platform for travelers, offering curated care, chat support, specialist identification, and PIMS management. Our mission is to empower travelers with the resources they need to become confident health self-advocates, ensuring well-being and security on every journey.

For more information about MyAbroadMDs' new membership packages and how they can enhance your travel experience, visit our membership page.
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