Automation Devices, Inc. Prospers with Capital Equipment Purchase

Automation Devices, Inc., a vibratory feeder manufacturer in Fairview, Pa. recently purchased a new Betenbender 70 ton hydraulic press brake. - December 19, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Diamond Cut Knurled Knobs from Elesa UK for Machines and Instruments

Elesa’s new diamond cut knurled knobs offer improved tactile control enabling fine operation of machines, instruments and similar, in sizes from large – 70mm dia., down to small at 31mm dia. - December 13, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

UNEX Manufacturing Inc. Launches New Website; Rebrands Company with New Look and Logo

UNEX Manufacturing rebranding efforts culminate in a new logo, a new look, a new website, and a new way to interact with distributors and end users in the material handling and carton flow industries. - December 13, 2013 - UNEX Manufacturing Inc.

New Size Flush Pull Handles for Clean Environments from Elesa UK - Also UL Certified

Elesa have expanded their EPR-PF series of snap-in flush fit pull hands with 3 new versions, including a self-extinguishing type certified to UL-94 VO, plus a clean version suited to applications in medical and hospital equipment and for food processing machines. - November 15, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Automation Devices’ Swan-Matic Division Sees Growth in Emerging E-Vapor Market

Swan-Matic, a bottle capping machinery manufacturer has seen a growing trend in the electronic cigarette market, capping e-vape or e-juice squeezable dropper bottles. - November 14, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

New Stainless Steel Handwheels from Elesa UK for Specialist Applications

New stainless steel handwheels from Elesa UK for high end applications in the food industry, chemical, offshore and other demanding environments. - November 13, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Turning Warehouse Pack Stations from a Nightmare Into a Dream Will be Presented at the Parcel & Distribution Forum Educational Sessions in Chicago

Integrated Systems Design - ISD has been selected by the Parcel & Distribution Forum to present an educational seminar on “Turning Pack Station Nightmares into a Dream.” - September 28, 2013 - Integrated Systems Design (ISD)

New DVA Range of Vibration Damping Components from Elesa UK

Elesa's range of DVA range of damper and cushioning elements with steel and stainless steel base mounting are ideal for heavy equipment loads. - September 24, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Locks, Latches, Hinges – New Enclosure Solutions from Elesa UK

Elesa's new range of enclosure solutions for panel builders and specialist manufacturers includes locks, latches and hinges, and associated hardware. The range is ideal for door and inspection panel closure or similar structures. - September 24, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Swan-Matic Redesigns Trigger Spray Capping Machine

Swan-Matic is now offering a redesigned C-600 Trigger Spray Capper. - September 12, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

New Slotted Control Knobs from Elesa in Stainless Steel

Slotted control knobs from Elesa offer corrosion resistance in arduous environments for use in industries including pharmaceuticals, offshore, food processing, chemicals and process control installations. - August 31, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Rapid Growth of the ELESA Range of Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Standard Components

ELESA’s stainless steel range of elements for control, location/positioning, clamping, visual indication and mobility now includes handwheels, lobe knobs, wing nuts, adjustable clamping handles, grab handles, indexing plungers, hinges, column level indicators and castors - which are corrosion resistant and suited to aggressive environments. - August 11, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Automation Devices’ Offers Pneumatic Driven Inline Feeder

Automation Devices, Inc., a vibratory feeder manufacturer has added a pneumatic drive inline feeder to its product line. - August 02, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Elesa’s GN 924 Handwheels – a Modern Attractive 2 Spoke Solution

Elesa’s GN 924 aluminium handwheels are a modern attractive 2 spoke solution suitable for high tech optical equipment, milling and prototyping machines, as well as new generation machine tools, packaging and printing equipment. - July 28, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Automation Devices Upgrades Orienting Rolls

Automation Devices, Inc. has redesigned their orienting rolls for use with vibratory feeding systems. - July 18, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Storage Systems Midwest, Inc. is a Future 50 Company

Storage Systems Midwest, Inc. is a Future 50 Company

Storage Systems Midwest Inc. has been named a 2013 Future 50 company by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE). The Future 50 program, now in its 26th year, recognizes privately-owned companies in the seven-county Milwaukee region... - July 16, 2013 - Storage Systems Midwest, Inc.

New Elesa Lever Indexing Plunger Introduces "Super" Technopolymer Construction

The new PMT.200 lever indexing plunger from Elesa UK features new “super” technopolymer with increased strength for the body, lever and lock nut, and is suitable for most applications where stainless steel might otherwise be specified. - July 14, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Educational Seminar for Manufacturers

An educational seminar, “LEAN as a Growth Strategy,” presented by industry experts Brad Muir and Gary Conner from Technical Change Associates will be held at the Courtyard Marriott, 3020 Riffel Drive, Salina, Kansas on Thursday, August 8th at 1:00pm, registration beginning at... - July 11, 2013 - Kasa Companies

Automated Storage and Retrieval System Mid-Load UltraStore ASRS from Integrated Systems Design - ISD Literature is Now Available

The Mid-Load UltraStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) literature offers information on automated storage and retrieval systems for efficient buffer storage, goods to person, order fulfillment, and order picking applications. - July 09, 2013 - Integrated Systems Design (ISD)

Saving Costs with Magnet Separators

S+S whitepaper provides information about magnet technology especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries - July 06, 2013 - S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH

Automated Material Handling Systems Experts to Present at the Robotics and Supply Chain Summit in July

Integrated Systems Design – ISD, a systems consultant and automated material handling equipment company, will present July 16-17, 2013 at the Automation and Robotics Supply Chain Summit - Latest Automated Order Fulfillment Trends & Systems in Pittsburgh, PA. - July 02, 2013 - Integrated Systems Design (ISD)

Automation Devices, Inc. Abandons Price Increase and Keeps Prices the Same

Automation Devices, Inc. a vibratory feeder manufacturer is maintaining current prices and will not be issuing a price increase this year. - June 26, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

New Panel Support Clamp from ELESA UK

Elesa’s machine guarding accessory package includes their new PC – Panel Support Clamp which enables easy installation of protective panels onto industrial frames in steel or aluminium as desired. The PC Clamp incorporates full component retention when open, plus rubber grip pads to... - June 13, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

New Warehouse and Manufacturing Integrated Systems Website Launched

New website offers a wide variety of educational material on warehouse distribution systems, inventory management systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyors, systems design and integration, order fulfillment systems and more. - June 11, 2013 - Integrated Systems Design (ISD)

New Frame Tube Joiners and End Caps from Elesa UK

A new range of square and round tube expander connectors from Elesa UK matched with both expander and push fit end caps makes it simple for users to construct robust joints in standard round and square tubes for light duty machine guarding. - June 02, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

New IP67 Safety Switch and Hinge from Elesa

Elesa have announced their new CFSW-110 IP67 hinge with built-in multiple safety switch which has been designed to automatically shut off the power and protect the operators of machinery and production equipment in the event of the accidental opening of a control cabinet door, machine panel or safety door. - May 31, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Automation Devices’ Swan-Matic Division Hires New Sales Lead

Swan-Matic, a bottle capping machinery manufacturer, is pleased to announce the hiring of Sean Parker as its new sales lead. - May 23, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

5 Vibratory Feeder Accessories That Improve Feeder Performance

Automation Devices, Inc. gives suggestions on feeding equipment that can improve your parts feeding system’s efficiency. - May 08, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Liquid Packaging Solutions Offers Turntable Special in May

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., a LaPorte, Indiana based packaging machine manufacturer, has discounted prices for 45" stainless steel turntables through the month of May. Both loading and accumulating turntables are currently available from LPS for $3,300.00. - May 03, 2013 - Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Top Flight Stairlifts Donates Stairlift to Brookfield Golf Club

Top Flight Stairlifts, a leading provider of stairlifts from today's leading brands, has donated a stairlift to the Brookfield Golf Club. Bryan and Lesley James-Top Flight Stairlifts' owners and managers-are members of Brookfield Golf Club, and have since built a good relationship with the owner,... - May 02, 2013 - Top Flight Stairlifts

Round and Square Height Levelling End Caps from Elesa

The new NDA series polyamide end caps from Elesa UK have an integral light duty levelling foot for height adjustment, which makes them ideal for many office and other light industrial applications such as desks, screens, partitions, instrumentation and exhibitions. The NDA.T is for round tubes... - April 27, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Speeding Up the Slowdown: 5 Common Causes and Solutions to Poor Vibratory Feeding Performance

Automation Devices, Inc. offers solutions to issues related to vibratory feeders. - April 17, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

ELESA Column Level Indicators with Oil and Glycol Capabilities

The new HCK-GL column level indicator from Elesa UK addresses the special needs of equipment using glycol based solutions with the added protection of a polycarbonate shielded pyrex sight glass. Suitable for applications with glycol based coolant and heat transfer agents – especially in sub-zero environments. - April 12, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

Automation Devices, Inc. Invests in Technology Upgrade

Automation Devices, Inc. a vibratory feeder manufacturer has recently invested in a companywide technology upgrade. - April 03, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Material Handling Equipment Companies Name Ed Romaine CMO – VP of Marketing

Andersen Material Handling and ISD Integrated Systems Design - Michigan providers of Conveyor, Sortation Systems, Order Picking, Fulfillment Systems and Automated Storage Retrieval Systems Designers, Manufacturers - Name Ed Romaine VP Marketing - March 16, 2013 - Integrated Systems Design (ISD)

ADI Extends Vibratory Feeder Line with New Fast Angle Base Unit

Automation Devices, Inc. is offering a new vibratory feeding mechanism, applicable for certain feeding applications. - March 10, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Rubber Wheeled Castors from ELESA

Elesa’s RE.E2 industrial castor and the RE.C7 anti-marking castor are high performing light duty castors featuring vulcanised rubber tyres and are ideal for use in light industrial settings and even in domestic environments. - March 10, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

ADI Announces New Hire

Automation Devices, Inc. a vibratory feeder manufacturer in Fairview, PA. is pleased to announce the hiring of a new purchasing agent to its team. - March 08, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Top Flight Stairlifts Launches New MediTek Products

Top Flight Stairlifts, a leading provider of stairlifts from today's leading brands, has added two new models to their range. Top Flight Stairlifts has added two new stairlifts to their vast catalogue of stock, both from MediTek, one of today's leading manufacturers in the field. The E120 and the... - February 22, 2013 - Top Flight Stairlifts

Automation Devices’ Amplifies Product Line with Intrinsically Safe Level Control Device

Automation Devices, Inc., a vibratory feeder manufacturer has added an intrinsically safe level control device to its product line. - February 14, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Machine Guarding Components System from ELESA

Elesa UK announce their machine guarding components system which includes square tube connectors, panel support clamps, ball shaped door locks, door lock handles and hinges with automatic safety cut-off switches. - February 07, 2013 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

6 Reasons Why Hand Held Capping Devices Prevail Against Capping by Hand

Automation Devices, Inc.’s (ADI) Swan-Matic Division offers customers in the bottling and packaging industry a broad range of capping devices and capping related products, including automatic and semi-automatic bottle capping. While bench-top cappers remain a solid choice for most, many... - January 25, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Fork Rhino Offers Custom Models

Automation Devices, Inc. has released several variations of the Fork Rhino Fork Lift Ball Hitch Attachment, to meet the needs of various industries. - January 18, 2013 - Automation Devices, Inc.

RAYCON BULK Product Sorting System Finds the Invisible

X-ray technology removes optically undetectable contaminants from bulk food products. - December 07, 2012 - S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH

Automation Devices’ Offers New Option for Vibratory Feeding Projects Requiring a Level Control Switch

Automation Devices, Inc., a vibratory feeder manufacturer, is now offering a new level control switch in its product line. - November 30, 2012 - Automation Devices, Inc.

Sorensen Systems Launches New Website Focused on Industrial Motion Control Systems

Sorensen Systems, a subsidiary of THG Corporation of Massachusetts, has launched a specialized new website dedicated to the needs of industrial manufacturers seeking motion and control industrial systems utilizing hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation technology. - November 22, 2012 - THG Corporation

New Vulcanised Rubber Wheeled Castors from Elesa

Elesa’s new RE-E2 industrial castor is a high performing light duty castor with soft wheels suited to most flooring types, including tiles, asphalt, cement-resin, expanded metal and even unpaved floor areas. - November 11, 2012 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

New Levelling Feet with Ground Fixing from ELESA

Elesa’s new levelling feet with ground fixing stop them from “walking” with the movement of the equipment or machine, maintaining alignment in production or transfer lines. - October 27, 2012 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

ELESA’S New Detent Position Hinges Know Their Place

The CFV glass reinforced polyamide detent hinge from Elesa UK will click and hold in any of four positions allowing unimpeded access to equipment. - October 17, 2012 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

New Elesa Indexing Plungers with Clamp Plus Added Safety Function

Elesa’s new GN7336.7 indexing plunger with clamp knob and its sister GN7336.8 with clamping knob for simultaneously positioning, locking and making secure elements whose position needs to be changed. - October 03, 2012 - ELESA (UK) Ltd

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