Online Therapy Institute

Online Therapy Institute

The Online Therapy Institute is designed for clinicians and organizations who wish to enrich their knowledge about online counseling, clinical supervision and the impact of technology on mental health. The Institute, founded by Kate Anthony and DeeAnna Merz Nagel is a think tank for all issues mental health, cyberpsychology, technology and the internet. Our mission is to provide a platform that allows people to learn collaboratively from one another. As an Institute, we strive to disseminate information about research, education and training. Topics and issues of interest extend to internet and cybersex addictions, gaming, virtual worlds, social networking, SMS texting and online peer support.

We offer the following:

Quick Start Guide
Website Verification and Promotion
Peer Supervision and Consultation Forum
Social Network
Web Directory

We also publish an online magazine, Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology, and magazine subscription is free.

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