CTR Computer & Technology Rentals

CTR Computer & Technology Rentals
CTR Computer & Technology Rentals

CTR specializes in short term rentals and sales of electronic and electrical equipment for commercial businesses and industry.

Short term rentals of PC laptop computers, LCD projectors, and flat screen computer displays.

Sales and short term rentals of power/energy monitors, power quality analyzers and power loggers.

CTR was founded in 2005 by rental industry veteran Stuart Laurie whose background includes over ten years technical sales experience with General Electric and Electro Rent Corporation.

Reliable name-brand laptop computers from Dell, HP/Compaq, and IBM. All laptops are pre-tested and receive a complete software re-install prior to each rental. Rentals can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

CTR is a reseller of PowerSight Power Quality Analyzers and Power/Energy Monitors. PowerSight Power Loggers and Power Analyzers provide everything needed for complete single and three-phase power and energy analysis. CTR maintains an inventory in Mississauga, Ontario of Power Monitors and Power Quality Analyzers for rental. Rental terms can be daily, weekly, and monthly.


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