Newpro Replacement Windows

Newpro Replacement Windows

The replacement windows manufactured in Newpro's facility by our skilled technicians offer significant performance advantages over competing windows. Newpro windows are more structurally sound and more durable, with improved thermal performance. Our secret is the use of higher quality materials, assembled to the highest standards.

To begin with, our window frame and sash are made with Celuca™, a space age cellular foam that delivers twice the insulating value of vinyl. Celuca is used throughout the master frame, which is a sturdy 3¼" with welded corners for structural integrity and durability. Our glass package is also industry leading. The triple glazed glass package consists of two sheets of low E glass and one sheet of clear glass. One of the spaces between the panes of glass is filled with inert argon gas, the other is filled with inert krypton gas. This makes the window highly resistant to heat transfer through the panes of glass.

To complete the package, the glass edges are sealed using "warm edge" technology. The seal consists of a thermally impermeable foam material that is chemically coated with a desiccant to absorb any stray moisture. This ensures a high R-value and low U-rating, with fog-free performance. We do not take shortcuts in putting together our glass package, or in engineering our frames. The result is one of the most thermally efficient windows in the industry.

The Newpro window is topped off with triple weather stripping and full depth interlocking on the sashes, virtually eliminating drafts, and recessed tilt latches and locks for safety and security. The list of features that are packed into the Newpro window really appeals to our customers and offers them great value. They know that there is not a single performance feature in which our windows can be beat. That is a powerful story for us to be able to tell when we show our windows to a homeowner.

The window's performance characteristics make it the number one window in New England, and it's all backed up by the best warranty in the business! We offer a fifty year limited warranty. That means our windows are going to outlast many of the homes where they are installed, we have that much confidence in the product and our ability to support it.

Private Company

Company History

Since 1945, when Anthony Cogliani started a small window treatment business in a Medford, MA storefront, Newpro has been a family owned business. Over the years, we have expanded our "family" to include our employees, suppliers and thousands of satisfied customers.

Today, three generations of the Cogliani family are working to maintain our reputation for excellence. You can have faith in our 50-Year Warranty, Fuel Savings Guarantee and Guarantee of Satisfaction because you know we'll be here to back them up. Our president, Nick Cogliani, has guided Newpro into a position as one of the top replacement window marketers in the country. Mary Cogliani, Nick's mom, works in the business as our Director of Public Relations. And Nick's son Anthony has joined the family business in the sales department.

Thanks for considering Newpro replacement windows and doors. We know you'll be delighted to be part of our Newpro family.