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Three Decades of Efficiency: Newpro Windows Marks 30th Anniversary of Green Guarantee

Homeowners looking to renovate or build in the interests of contributing a “green home” to the environment should not overlook the importance of energy-efficient windows Newpro Windows has been offering their replacement windows with a 40% fuel savings guarantee for over thirty years.

Three Decades of Efficiency: Newpro Windows Marks 30th Anniversary of Green Guarantee
Woburn, MA, June 12, 2008 --( The phrase "better late than never" certainly applies to the current international endeavor which sees many countries banding together to make ecologically friendly lifestyle choices. Some of these choices are translating into economical friendliness at the same time. Families and homeowners looking to act globally by contributing locally to the protection of their environment should add window efficiency to their checklist right beside solar panels and geothermal heat pumps. While "going green", amongst concerns of rising fuel costs, has only recently become popular on a majority scale, window technology to reduce home energy by as much as a 40% has been available for decades.

One example, Newpro Windows has been marketing their 40% Fuel Savings Guarantee* for over 30 years. The language of the guarantee is simple: if you don't save at least 40% in home fuel costs when you replace your house with Newpro windows, Newpro will pay the difference. Newpro custom crafts their specially engineered triple pane window in their manufacturing facility in Bellingham, MA to cater to your homes specifications. The product engineering combined with Master Certified Installation craftsmen make it possible to stand behind their fuel savings promise. Considering today's high home heating costs the information to follow should not be overlooked when deciding what steps to take to ensure your home is energy efficient.

"Many homeowners don't realize that their windows and doors can be a leading source of heat loss – as much as 40% heat loss. We spare no expense when it comes to developing products using premium quality specially engineered materials to provide New England Homeowners with a window that delivers high energy and money saving results to last a lifetime," states second generation owner of Newpro Windows, Nick Cogliani. "Our product specialists are qualified to educate the homeowner about the energy saving benefits of replacement windows and they help simplify the selection process," continues Cogliani.

Newpro windows, from frame to glass, feature components that respond to the elements of New England weather. Starting with the space age Celuca™ composite frame providing strength and durability, Newpro window frames feature more than double the insulating value of vinyl. Made to withstand the changing climates of New England, unlike vinyl windows, Newpro Celuca™ frame windows do not sag or distort. Reader's Digest New Do It Yourself Manual reports that "all vinyl becomes brittle in extreme cold. It expands and softens in heat." Lowes Complete Home Improvement and Repair Guide 2006 reports "Inexpensive vinyl windows have a tendency to distort when exposed to extremes of heat and cold, making them harder to operate and allowing air leakage. Vinyl windows cannot be painted and darker colors may fade over time."

Triple pane glass and space engineered patented Super Spacers power spacers combined with triple weather stripping are just some of the components that contribute to the high energy-efficient results, providing the maximum insulation you can achieve from a replacement window. Unlike other windows that feature aluminum or metal spacers between the window panes which conduct cold and transfer that temperature to the glass, Newpro patented Super Spacers are made of a silicone foam composition to resist temperature transfer and dramatically reduce condensation. Another key feature is the U-Factor rating of .17 – one of the lowest insulating ratings in the country. Every replacement window comes with a NRFC energy rating label required by the state of Massachusetts. The lower the U-Value of a window the greater a window's resistance to heat flow and resulting insulating factor.

Consumers who wish to utilize replacement windows to create a more environmentally-friendly home can expect results from companies like Newpro. If interested in more information on this particular company's fuel savings guarantee call 1-800-GO-NEWPRO.

*Restrictions apply. Contact a Newpro representative for details.

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