Cohveca Coffee

Cohveca Coffee

Under the motto “The Art of Coffee,” Cohveca Coffee offers the most outstanding single-origin and blended coffees in the world, and features 100-percent certified pure Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, from Mavis Bank, in bean and ready-to-drink beverages.

In addition to selling blended and single-origin coffees from their online “gallery,” Cohveca Coffee offers retailers their own customized blend, based on their knowledge of their clientele. For more information about Cohveca Coffee’s wholesale program, customized blends and special requests, contact the company through its website, or by calling 1.877.COHVECA.

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Company History

What do you get when you put two coffee fanatics together to talk about their love of the brew?

You get dedicated professionals who spend hours extolling the value of "the art of coffee."

You get Cohveca Coffee Company.

That's what happened when Alexander Ptak and Errol Gillespie first met in 2003. "It was immediate," says Ptak, a former coffee barista, as he remembers the conversation with Gillespie, a coffee farmer from Jamaica. "We just knew we were going to create something good together. We wanted to do more than sell the best coffee in the world. We wanted to show that premium coffee is like fine wine, an art form."

Together, Ptak and Gillespie's enthusiasm is infectious, and in no time, they convinced Mike Bouse, a gourmet chef and absolute perfectionist, that Cohveca Coffee wasn't merely a business, but a mission: Offer the very best coffees from the world with the highest standards of quality. Bouse was a natural fit into the picture of Cohveca Coffee. Living up to the standards of perfection may not be easy, but at Cohveca Coffee it is in everything we do.

Shortly after Cohveca Coffee had begun to gather the momentum to establish their business headquarters in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, writer and roaster Paul Gallagher caught the buzz when he called Ptak simply to talk about coffee.

While Ptak can spend hours talking about his search for the perfect cup, an hour with Gillespie is an education in the techniques and joys of farming pure Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. For Gallagher, each roast is a celebration of freeing the sensual delights locked within the beans.

Whether it's through certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from Mavis Bank in ice-cold JABLUM drinks, ground or whole-bean blends and single-origin coffees, each cup from Cohveca Coffee represents years of expertise and a passion for excellence.

What does "Cohveca" mean? It means luxury in every drop; it means "the art of coffee."