50/110 Publishing

50/110 Publishing is the parent company for howtobuymeat.com. This company is owned by "Meat Professional," Mr. Draik Moor. Mr. Moor has over 50 years in the retail meat industry. He has written books for the consumer to help everyone understand just exactly how the retail supermarket business really operates. Most of the comments he receives from his readers are "Wow, I had no idea that buying groceries, especially meat, the 'Smart Way' was so interesting and challenging, as well as very rewarding. My dollar savings are absolutely incredible." Draik Moor's first book is featured on howtobuymeat.com. More of his books are forthcoming and will soon be offered as well. 50/110 Publishing is in business for the benefit of the consumer. The information contained on our web site is 100% true, accurate and honest. It has been tested, re-tested and tested again. The consumers that have visited our web site, purchased the book and applied the information contained there-in are saving, literally, hundreds to thousands of dollars on their meat purchases every year. They enjoy better quality cuts of meat, prepare a much broader variety of meals, save an absolutely tremendous amount of money and have gained information and knowledge they never even imagined possible. Simply because they have never had the opportunity to learn how the retail supermarket business really works. That information is available now to every consumer. We recommend every consumer take a "Good Look" at the amount of money they are spending each month on their meat purchasing at their favorite supermarket. After they recover from the reality of just how much they are spending every month, we also recommend they go to howtobuymeat.com, read all the information contained there, purchase the book that is offered for sale and start to enjoy some "REAL SAVINGS".


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