Applied Production, Inc.

Our vision is to increase the productivity of Sheet Metal Fabricators through technology. Our mission is to provide the most technically advanced software tools for the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts and assemblies.

Join the thousands of people worldwide who use the upcoming leader in sheet metal CAM software. Through its in-depth knowledge of your CNC turret punch press and laser cutting machine, ProFab sheet metal CAM software automates and optimizes the programming process while keeping you in control, saving both programming and machine cycle time. ProFab automatically creates and optimizes tool paths for CNC turret punch presses and laser cutting machines using a library of your tools.

ProFold has earned a reputation in the PC CAD market as the most powerful flat pattern development program available. ProFold simplifies the unfolding process. Fully integrated with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, KeyCreator, and CADKEY under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, ProFold saves hours of manual calculations while eliminating errors. Even the most complex parts can be unfolded in seconds. Whether you design your own parts or receive CAD files from your customers, ProFold will increase the accuracy of your flat patterns while reducing the time required to calculate and draw them.

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