Help For Abused Partners

Help For Abused Partners


Assisting families seeking alternatives to violence in thier homes. All services are available to victims with disabilities. Help for Abused Parnters deals with victims of domestic and dating relationship abuse.  All of our assistance is free and confidential.

We provide the following services:

Crisis Line- for understanding, help, information, assistance and referrals

Shelter- shelter, food and other basic necessities are provided to victims and thier children when needed.

Referrals- We provide refferals to other helping agencies and out of area shelter when needed.

Counseling- Crisis intervention, individual and group counseling for victims and children.

Advocacy- Companionship and support in acquiring services in the community.

Community Education- Presentations to clubs, organizations, newletter, lending library, specialized training.

Volunteer Program- In areas of: crisis lin, children's program, community education and fundraising.

According to Colorado Law: A person commits the crime of Domestic Violence if they inflict or threaten to inflict... any bodily injury or harmful physical contact or the destruction of property or threat thereof as a method of coercion, control, revenge, or punishment upon whom the actor is involved in an ongoing intimate relationship. (House Bill#1904)

REACH OUT and we will provide emotional support and counseling to help you identify and pursue the alternatives of your choice to end the violence.
24 hour Crisis line. (970) 522-2307 (TDD available.)

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