Association of TechExecs Network

Association of TechExecs Network

Welcome to TechExecs' IT News & PR (service offering) - Do you have something news-worthy to announce targeting CIOs, IT Management and IT Professionals? Please submit your story and we may include it in our bi-weekly announcement to the top CIOs and IT Management Practitioners on our mailing list.

Here are your announcement options:

Press Announcement
Want to share with everyone about your new technology, alliance, partnership, venture funding or new customer engagements? Please send your Press Announcement to our IT News & PR desk and if we feel that your announcement is news worthy, we will post it on our website, all of our social media outlets and include the announcement within our CIO's Update Newsletters as part of the bi-weekly news update. Submit your IT News & PR Story to ITNewsPR@TechExecs.Net. There is a small fee to be included in our bi-weekly newsletter.

Dedicated News Announcement
Do you have a major announcement that you would like for TechExecs to announce for you globally? If so, our IT News & PR central is the place you want to have your announcement broadcasted! TechExecs Network, in partnership with three newswire services, helps focus your story and it's content delivery to key recipients, decision makers and venture investors in information technology. Placing a "Dedicated Announcement" will result in immediate interests and response as we reach over 6,600+ news agencies in addition to our proprietary recipients of over 370,000+ CIOs and IT Management audience. There is a fee to utilize this premier service, please contact us at ITNewsPR@TechExecs.Net for more information.

About TechExecs Network
Founded in 2000, The TechExecs Network™ (www.TechExecs.Net) continues to advance the careers of the next generation of IT Leadership, promote stability, connections, and advocacy for the Information Technology community as a whole, and provide an interactive forum for over 370,000 contacts nation-wide. We seek to highlight individual contributors who are Confirmed Members of our TechExecs Network and their project successes to further demonstrate the importance of IT within the enterprise. We present opportunities for recognition by both internal business unit leaders & community peers while showcasing best practices by leveraging key technology solutions for enterprise growth. The TechExecs Network™ charts the latest industry trends to feature "Best of Breed" resources for key decision makers, promote networking and partnership amongst technology and industry executives both online and in-person, and ultimately serve as the dominant connection between industry buyers and suppliers.

TechExecs Network™ is a private membership organization where approval and admission to events and executive networking mixers is at the sole discretion of TechExecs. Requests to join will be reviewed by TechExecs in order to ensure the cohesion, relevant discussions and professionalism of the group.

Please Note: TechExecs Network's IT Management Connect is an exclusive peer-level networking program for IT Management & CIOs. Attendance to IT Management Connect Luncheons and Socials are exclusively for qualified Information Technology Practitioners who are in an IT Management role. Benefits include invitations to Peers-Connection Socials, Featured Speaker Luncheons & Dinners, Solutions Workshop, Private Theme Parties and access to Premium Services offered by TechExecs Network.

Membership is complimentary for qualified IT Management and CIOs for industry companies.

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