Baltic Development Group OU

Baltic Development Group OU

Baltic Development Group 

Perfumes and Cosmetics distribution in the Baltic States and Finland

Private Company

Company History

Founded in 2004 in Estonia, Baltic Development Group was formed by Natalia Caldarella who has a 15 years experience as a Perfumes, Cosmetics and Fashion importer in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland). Baltic Development Group, is a TRADING COMPANY in charge to import in the Baltic States and Scandinavia the last available Technologies and Products on the market in the Cosmetics, Perfumes and Fashionnable wears directly from the most famous and successfull Brands in the world, the products we import to the market are directly sold to the most prestigious Department Stores and Retail Stores in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

Baltic Development Group main innovation and focus is the development and commercialization of cosmetics, perfumes, wears of high quality and accessible to the largest number of users.

The company successfully built a solid network of partners (Deparment Stores, successfull local Retail Stores)  that which transformed the "old way distribution" into a modern and efficient distribution in all the Baltic States and Scandinavia because of a local staff for each country where our network distribution is present.

With all our products packaged in several languages, the  Baltic Development group has recently set its sight on several domestic markets for several prestigious international brands. The products we distribute have met with tremendous consumer acceptance and has positionned the company as the most succesfull, innovative and competitively distribution company in the region.

Because in our company, you will always find a member of our staff able to talk to you in your language mother tongue Who can be Russian, Estonian, French, English, there is no waste of time to understand each other.

The quality of our work is so well recognized that an Estonian fashion magazine ask Mrs Natalia Caldarella an interview each month concerning the new products and technologies coming and/or available on the market.