iTech Workshop Private Limited

iTech Workshop Private Limited

iTech's products include

* A secure web based expEDIum Claims Portal
* A secure web based expEDIum Practice Management Software (PMS) with Medical Billing and seamless Electronic Claims Processing
* A secure web based expEDIum Eligibility Portal for seamless Eligibility
* A desktop based HCFA-1500 and UB04 expEDIum Claim Scrubber

iTech's web based products are available in a subscription (SaaS) model without any capital expenditure for hardware, software and with reduced cost of ownership. iTech's products are easy to setup, easy to use and available for an affordable price.

Our clients include Billing Service Bureaus, Clearinghouses, Healthcare Solution Providers, Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare Consultants and Healthcare BPOs. We have several clients with hundreds of providers, processing over 46,000 HIPAA transactions a day, 11.6 million a year, across all our products aggregated.

You can request for a remote demo of any of our products or for our whitepapers from our website at and several client testimonials are available at

Support for HIPAA v5010 and ICD-10 will be available on our products soon.

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