Safe Kids Card, Inc

MyFamilyCD has developed a digital CD Identification for Children, Adults, & Pets the size of a business card. This Amber Ready CD ID is also affiliated with Team Amber Alert; a non-profit organization that aids law enforcement to find Children of any age, and Yello Dyno; a program designed to teach children safety through music.

MyFamilyCD products have developed into an International Franchise in 5 countries and 28 US States. Our company is now adding distributors in the remaining territories to be able to provide this product everywhere and educate parents/caregivers on the importance of these products and services.
MyFamilyCD have also just accomplished the first CD ID Do-It-Yourself Kit on the market, so that parents can make this product without worrying if their child’s information will end up in one of the many databases created daily. The only Database a parent should have is in their pocket.

MyFamilyCD products can be co-branded with business to give out as a thank you to their customers and provide "Peace Of Mind, Right in your Pocket.”

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Contact our Program Coordinator, Jennifer Hawkins at 302-893-0177 for information about our special law enforcement programs.

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Safe Kids Card, Inc

In the summer of 2002, CEO Jeremiah Hutchins was already in business with a partner selling digital business cards using the same technology as the My Family CD. While driving Hutchins listened to AM radio and the airwaves were filled with talk surrounding a high-profile trial of a man involved in the kidnapping of a 7-year-old girl in San Diego. All of the people discussing this topic on the radio shows felt if there was a better picture of the girl or if she only had better identification maybe it would have helped. Realizing the many shortcomings of various forms of child identification, Hutchins began working with a software engineer who developed the initial technology that took advantage of the mini CD format. Hutchins started pitching the product to day care centers, was met with an enthusiastic response, and the Safe Kids Card was launched. Since opening, our franchisees have produced over 100,000 CD’s for children nationally and internationally.

Franchising began in March 2003 and within nine months there were 15 Safe Kids Card franchises in operation across the country offering a product whose technology and effectiveness is superior to traditional plastic or paper ID cards. There are now 58 franchises nationally and internationally, with distrubutorships available.

The ID CDs are state-of-the-art, all-in-one identification cards which can assist law enforcement and medical officials in the event of an emergency. The cards are actual mini-CD’s that are slightly larger than a credit card and can easily be carried in a wallet, purse or pocket. The cards contain three high-quality digital photographs; a biometric fingerprint and all personal and medical information that the consumer/parent would like included. In the event of an emergency when time is so crucial, multiple color photos and all necessary information can be easily accessed and either printed or e-mailed from any Windows-compatible computer within minutes. Additional documents and even a video clip can be added to the CD.

A Safe Adults Card, similar to the Safe Kids Card, is offered for older adults and those with medical problems. Also available is a Safe Pets Card, which can provide useful information when pets are missing or need medical treatment. There are more than 160 million registered dogs and cats in the United States alone.