Infinity SAV USA

Infinity SAV USA
Infinity SAV USA

Infinity SAV USA has developed a generator powered solely by permanent magnets and is developing a 20 kW generator to power homes and small businesses.

Our goal is to stop Climate Change by eliminating CO2 from electricity and transportation and cut the cost of electricity by 90%.

Save the environment and save money.

Staring with our working 3 kW generator powered by magnets Infinity SAV USA will use modern engineering (FEA) and computer simulations to design 20 kW generator that will power house or small business and last for 20 years.

Infinity's go to market strategy includes licensing the technology to manufactures for 5% of sales and end User Royalty of $0.02 per kWh including maintenance.

Private Company

Company History

Years ago, Mr. Tripp tried to build a magnet motor but failed because of lack of adequate engineering. The problem then, as now, is an engineering problem, not a problem with the laws of physics.
Since 2012, Infinity SAV and Mr. Slobodian has spent four years and $750,000 developing the magnet generator shown in the history and prototype videos. In 2016 Mr. Tripp and Mr. Slobodian joined together to use modern engineering software (Finite Element Analysis - ANSYS Maxwell or COMSOL Multiphysics), computer simulations, and massive rented computing power to engineer a generator to power an average home. Infinity SAV USA was formed to finish the engineering and testing, and bring the generator to the market.