Galalite Screens

Galalite Screens

Galalite Screens ( is one company that has indisputably established its name in producing some of the finest and the widest range of Projection Screens for the ultimate cinema viewing experience of the audience. It supports Active 3D, Passive 3D, Digital 2D images, as well as large format films’ projection on its screens and enhances their viewing by a great margin.

The company has covered a long distance in screen manufacturing through 60 years by spreading its mark in Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam, and leaving a lasting impression in all of these countries.

Galalite’s very own Lensray technology has not only left a lasting impact on the consumers but has also created a new definition of what people understand by the term Cinema.

Our quality products and efficient service are what make us the best in the business. We don’t say it, our exhibitors do.

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