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Creations & Things is in the massage therapy industry. With our product Bean's Heat Massage Gloves we will be a necessary company of the future, and our massage gloves will soon be a staple of the industry....

Creations & Things, makes heat massage gloves for the everyday consumer chiropractors, acupunturists, sport enthusiasts, and also for the massage therapy industry insiders. The massage therapy industry itself is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and Creations & Things intends to capitalize on the success of this industry by introducing this revolutionary product Bean's Heat Massage Gloves. Prior to starting Creations & Things Llyas El-Amin managed a storefront and apartment complex and decided with the knowledge of day to day business operations it was time to move forward with his industry changing concept.

Our business philosophy is to continually try to make our products better. Whether it be by the pricing of our items, material, technique or marketing we will strive to be the best the massage therapy industry has to offer.

Creations & Things will market our product Bean's Heat Massage Gloves to the massage therapy enthusiasts. Our disposable heat massage gloves will be introduced right after the original, with those we believe we will attract people who are not as familiar with the massage culture and would rather give themselves a heat massage in the privacy of their own home with convinence being the key.

The massage therapy industry is in a huge growth period right now, it is a billion dollar industry and growing. Right now people feel like it's not unusual to treat themselves first, and increasingly people feel like taking care of their bodies will increase the overall happiness of their life experience. The industry is continually looking for the next big thing in massage therapy, something to make it easier. A new marketing tool, video classes all sorts of heating concepts are increasingly coming into the marketplace. The market is endless if you have a great idea and drive to get it out to the consumer.. With our product we feel like we are on the cusp of a revolution. Massage therapy first and foremost starts with your hands and combining gloves with a concept that pretty much everyone uses already heat therapy is what will make Bean's Heat Massage Gloves a standard product in the industry...

Our companies biggest strength is our ability to change on the go and think outside of the box. We were able to say, why will this work what do the people in and out of the industry need and want, what do people who work 9-5 jobs want when they come home from work. More and more for people it's to get some relief from a long days work, we saw that analyzed it and produced something that everyone will find useful. What we bring to the table is a vision and a idea that hasn't been done before. We bring a persistence that will be unmatched, and because we started with just an idea, we have things people in the industry don't have. The ability to look at the industry critically like only a outsider could.

Bean's Heat Massage Gloves are a form fitting massage glove. Made with a pocket on the inside of the palm of the glove, the pockets will contain a air activated heat pack that will come with the gloves separately. The air activated heat packs will provide from approx. 6 to 10 hours of heating that will heat the exterior of the glove palm from the inside out thus providing a low temperature heated hand and whole body massage between 80 to 100 degrees F. . The heat pack can be disposed of after each approximately 8 hours use.

What I think will give this product a decided advantage is the air activated heat packs.. People we feel identify with the disposability of our heat pack product. With other products there is a bulkiness you have to deal with such as wraps or stones. That is not the convience we believe people are looking for in a massage. Also stones get pretty hot so you might have to let them cool down before you use them. With Bean's Heat Massage Gloves there are just two steps pull the glove out of the package and put the heat pack in the glove

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