Qichang Chemical Co.Ltd China

Qichang Chemical Co.Ltd China

Established in Dec 1999, Qichang chemical Co. Ltd is a professional factory specializing in the production of various pigment carbon blacks. The company makes use of advanced technology and produces a variety of high colour carbon black, medium and common. The typical character of the above carbon black is excellent dispersion, stable color tone, high purity and good fluidity, high tinting strength. It can be widely used in plastics, color masterbatch, coatings, ink, fibers, sealants, leather clothing, carbon powder, papermaking,ceramics and construction materials; etc.

The brain trust of the enterprise consists of senior experts, who masterminds effectively, schemes and promotes the development of carbon black technology and plans the future for the enterprise.

So far, the company can develop and produce new products according to the market and demands of the customers in time. Qichang chemical Co.Ltd facilities have achieved ISO9001 certification on November 28th, 2004.

The processing system of modern carbon black production technology is the strong guarantee for the excellent quality. Our tenet is “Be effective and creative, customers first.” On behalf of the company, the General manager warmly welcomes visits by interested parties from both China and abroad who wish to explore investment possibilities.


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