Texas Self Storage Association

A Wide Range of Benefits for Self-Storage Owners

The largest state self-storage organization in the country, the Texas Self Storage Association (www.txssa.org) has been providing a wide range of benefits to self-storage owners and operators in Texas for more than 25 years. TSSA was founded in 1986 to provide opportunities for all self-storage owners and operators to learn, share and improve both their own businesses and the self-storage industry as a whole.

It is this commitment to its mission that encourages the continued growth and prosperity of the Association—and TSSA has witnessed extraordinary growth. Currently under the dynamic leadership of the Board of Directors and Executive Director Ginny Sutton, TSSA is a thriving association with a full-time professional staff of seven. The Association sets the standard with its first-rate storage education seminar series throughout the year, and its annual convention and trade show, held each year in the fall, is one of the best in the business. Today, the TSSA membership ranks have swelled to more than 3,300 facilities throughout Texas, and surrounding states. As the Association grows, it continues to provide individualized service, education and fellowship with the same dedication and determination that sparked the founders in 1986.


Benefits of membership include the nationally acclaimed Goldbook©, an indispensible legal reference manual with details on state and federal statutes that relate to self storage in Texas, as well as detailed step-by-step procedures on foreclosures and evictions. Additionally, the book has useful articles relating to legal issues and answers to common procedural questions. The Goldbook© alone can save members thousands of dollars in legal fees. One of the other key benefits to members is the standardized and copyrighted TSSA Rental Agreement and nine other official forms, in addition to more than 80 useful sample forms.

Other benefits include access to all live and archived webinars, at no additional cost, the Self-Storage News, a semi-monthly magazine filled with practical tips and legal updates, and TSSA's information-filled website (www.txssa.org) with numerous free services, including a free website creator template and site hosting, just to mention a few of the benefits of membership.

TSSA members are owners and operators facing common problems who have banded together to assist one another. TSSA has accomplished this by hiring the best legal counsel and lobbying firm, and through educational industry-geared seminar series and legal update training. TSSA's friendly staff and networking opportunities help make membership a rewarding and profitable experience. As a testament to the value of a TSSA membership, more than 75% of new members learned about TSSA based on recommendations from current members.


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