Down from Zero Gets Ready to Play Its Fall Tour

Down From Zero to start its fall tour this year, includes playing a very special “Rockin” Halloween show down in Georgia. Down From Zero 's fall tour will kick off at The Needle and Skin on October 10th. It will include TWO (2) shows at the Columbus Georgia rock club, SOHO (November 13... - October 17, 2009

The Head of Sunset Records & Home Video Company (SRVD) Announces the Launch of a Brand New Service Enabling Promotion and Distribution Company

The head of Sunset Records & Home Video Company (SRVD) Announces The Launch Of A Brand New Service Enabling Promotion and Distribution Company for Indie Musicians, Indie Record Labels and Indie Filmmakers. Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records launches Go Distro this week as a way to... - October 02, 2009

Latin Hip Hop Dance Artist Master MC Has Officially Signed a New Record Deal with the New York City Based, Sunset Urban Records

Sunset Urban signs the Master MC to a worldwide recording deal, the new album is due out in mid November this year. When Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Urban and Sunset Records, first heard the music of Master MC, he says that “there was no doubt that I felt he was the next ingredient to... - October 01, 2009

The Miami Carnival Invades the Polish Club with Dance Hall Reggae Artist Alayna on October 10 as Part of a Weekend of Festivities

The 2009 Miami Carnival Invasion features live music all night on October 10th featuring Alayna, Sugar band, Jam Tyme, Umb Soldiers, Showtime Band along with DJ Kevy kev, DJ Soso-HD and Ras Selah. All over the world, Carnival is considered to be one of the most festive celebrations that actually... - September 26, 2009

The Rotary Club in Orlando to Host Alayna’s Birthday Bash on October 3rd

Tropical Records formally invites all dancehall reggae fans to celebrate the Queen of Dancehall Reggae, Alayna’s birthday party bash in Orlando, Florida at the Rotary Club on Saturday, October 3rd. - September 25, 2009

Charles Band Gets Ready for His Full Moon Horror Road Show 2009 Tour by Playing 20 Different Cities All Over America

In support of the Full Moon Archives double CD Set, horror film noir legend, Charles Band sets up an interactive multimedia tour with his live 2009 Road Show tour all over the United States. Charles Band gets ready for his Full Moon Horror Road Show 2009 tour by playing 20 different cities all... - September 24, 2009

The Philadelphia Comedy Festival Will be Held This from November 4th Through November 8th

The Philadelphia Comedy Festival will be held this from November 4th through November 8th. Hosting the festival is the Laff House Comedy Club located at South Street in the heart of south Philadelphia. It will feature many comedy-related events with very special comedy showcases at the Laff House... - September 20, 2009

Tropical Records Presents the "Project Reggaeologist" Album Release Party Featuring the Original Black Pantah at the Club Antigua

The Original Black Pantah plays a very special live concert on September 29th at the world famous Club Antigua in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Tropical Records presents “Project Reggaeologist,” CD release Party this month at the world famous Club Antigua in Orlando, Florida. The very... - September 16, 2009

Kevin Hart Releases a Brand New Live Comedy CD with Sunset Live; Live from the Laff House Comedy Club

Sunset Live Recordings sets up the brand new Kevin Hart, Live Comedy From The Laff House Comedy Club to stores all over the world. Kevin Hart’s new live comedy album release, Live From The Laff House Comedy Club is another unique live concert show performed at the world famous Laff House... - September 15, 2009

International Music Artists, LR-60 & Mr. Moods Get Ready to Release Its Ultraviolence Cd with Sunset Jazz Recordings in November This Year

Sunset Jazz gets ready to release Ultravoice by the top downtempo, acid jazz artist in the world, LR-60 & Mr. Moods in November. From 4th Street to Waterloo Park to the state Capitol building, Austin, Texas is a city that is filled with right wing lobbyists, a major University that in most... - September 15, 2009

Reggae Drumming Legend Mabrak is Releasing His Roots Man CD Worldwide with Tropical Records

Tropical Records is setting up releases by one of the top reggae legends in the world, Mabrak’s Roots Man is set to hit stores on October 6th. - September 13, 2009

Blackwell Continues His 2000’s Surge to the Top of the Urban Music Community with the Release of His Next Multi-Faceted Chocolate Audio CD

Sunset Urban gets ready for the fall release of the next Blackwell CD, Chocolate Audio, is all set to hit stores on October 6th. Calling on influences of the likes of heavyweight hip hop and rap music artists, Blackwell has churned out his next full length CD entitled, Chocolate Audio, just in... - September 13, 2009

Jamaican Born Major Banton Signs New Recording and Distribution Deal for His Debut CD Release with Tropical Records

Tropical Records expands its already impressive artist roster with the impressive new reggae artist, Major Banton. Major Banton was born on the West Indies Island of Jamaica and he has started recording his debut CD with Rod Millwood producing it, in Philadelphia (PA). "Banton" is a... - September 13, 2009

Alayna Bursts Into the International Dancehall Reggae Music Scene with Controversy

Tropical Records sets up the debut CD entitled Controversy by the incomparable dancehall pop sensation, Alayna. Obviously compared to top pop dancehall artists like Lady Saw and Tanya Stephens, the brand new Tropical Records artist Alayna seems to have that same recipe and formula of raw beat... - September 11, 2009

Sunset Records Artist, Sekshun 8 is Voted the # 1 Band on FM 99’s WNOR’s Battle of the Bands Contest

Congrats to Sunset Recording artist, Sekshun 8 for its number (#1) one placement in this the Battle of the Band contest at the world renowned rock station in Virginia Beach, WNOR. - August 14, 2009

Fake Elegance Signs a Record Deal with Sunset Records. The Debut Album is Expected to Hits Stores This Fall.

Fake Elegance signs with Sunset Records today and the label is excited to release the first album this September. Formed in the Ukraine, Fake Elegance has found the way of casting their wide musical range with a new recording deal at Sunset Records. The band has fused an evocative rock n roll... - July 22, 2009

The Beautiful Ones Are Set to Release "Grandio City" Digitally with Sunset Connect

The beautiful ones are gearing up to release its debut album with Sunset Connect titled "Grandio City". The album will be dropping worldwide on August 25, with exclusive releases at specific strategic partners on August 4. The beautiful ones debuts with Sunset Connect after the... - July 22, 2009

Dancehall Artist Alayna Has Signed an Exclusive Recording Agreement with the New York Based Record Label Tropical Records, a Sunset Records Company

Under the terms of their recording agreement, the upstart reggae and world music record label will release the brand new full length Controversy CD from the artist on September 22. The CD will be made available at every major retail outlet on the world along with every digital distribution outlet... - July 20, 2009

Project: Reggaeologist is the Worldwide CD Release from the World’s Most Renowned Dancehall, Club and Reggae Artists, the Original Black Pantah, on Tropical / Sunset

The original Black Pantah sets up to release his debut CD, Project: Reggaelogost with Sunset’s, Tropical Records on August 11th. - July 20, 2009

The Laff House Presents the Philadelphia Comedy Festival Beginning on November 4 and Running Through the 8th

The Philadelphia Comedy Festival will be held this from November 4th through November 8th. - July 10, 2009

Reggae Legend Mabrak Signs New Record Deal with Tropical / Sunset Records

Award-winning roots reggae drumming legend, Mabrak, has signed a new recordings deal to distribute his Mabrak Music company with the Tropical/Sunset Record Label. - July 09, 2009

Sunset Home Visual Entertainment Announces the Release of the Brand New Full Moon Features Film, Evil Bong 2: King Bong Film on DVD and as Video Downloads

The popular Full Moon Features film, Evil Bong 2: King Bong to be released worldwide on July 7th in 3D, if you’re stoned, with Sunset Home Visual on DVD and as a Video Download. - June 19, 2009

Down from Zero Rocks and Rolls Throughout Their Debut CD Being Released on July 21 at Sunset Records

It's 2009 this year, and the three piece Georgia heavy metal rock band, Down From Zero is set to release their debut CD of recorded music with Sunset. Chaos Theory has Rush, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses and Ozzy/Black Sabbath influences throughout the twelve (12) song CD. - June 18, 2009

Down From Zero to Headline the 6th Annual Middle Georgia Biker's Benefit Run to Benefit the Kings Cleft Charity Organization

Sunset Records hard rockers Down From Zero joins forces with the Middle Georgia Bikers Association to play at one of the largest bike events in Georgia. The major bike rally and live concert event is to benefit the Kings Cleft Charity Organization. The Kings Cleft Charity is a nonprofit... - June 16, 2009

Dancehall Reggae Artist the Original Black Pantah Releases Project: Reggaeologist Two Times with Tropical Records This Year

The Project: Reggaeologist CD hits stores worldwide on August 11 and then again as a very special CD w/ DVD dual disc on September 29. One of Jamaica’s top dancehall music legends, the Original Black Pantah will release his new album, Project: Reggaeologist two times in August and September... - June 13, 2009

Sunset Connect Signs the Beautiful Ones to an Exclusive Digital Record Deal

This week, the beautiful ones will have their release set up with the kind of exposure that only a major independent record label can provide, by signing to the Sunset Connect, the digital record label at Sunset Records. Sunset Connect has begun to sign more artists this quarter artists to the... - June 13, 2009

Balloon Man is Set to Release My Poppy Heart with Sunset Connect, the Digital Record Company at Sunset Records

There has never been quite an album heard from Balloon Man on a full length CD and yet after many years of making music, the new My Poppy Heart CD is the next release at Sunset Connect, dropped this month, the band's brand new album holds up rather nicely to the modern day listener. - June 11, 2009

Reggae Legend I Kong Set Ready to Release Extended CD with Sunset’s Tropical Records on July 14

Reggae legend I Kong has been through more than his share of life’s experiences over the last few decades, and the new Tropical Records release of the extended 19 song Forgotten Man CD will prove to be one of the best opportunities for Kong’s positive messages of true love, world peace,... - June 11, 2009

Cryout Has Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try Hitting Stores on June 9

After releasing one of the most critically acclaimed (and perhaps most overlooked) reggae albums of 2007, Cryout seeks to make another big splash with his latest CD, Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try. Once again, working his CD through the Sunset records system, the new CD will be released at the... - June 09, 2009

Sekshun 8 Sets Up the Black Wing Butterfly CD to be Released to Stores Worldwide on July 7th

With Sekshun 8’s Black Wing Butterfly CD, Virginia Beach’s best are back with a blazing return to their hard rock edge that gave them their critical acclaim on their debut album. Sekshun 8 is very much a recognizable rock band with solid vocals driving over the heavy guitar work and... - June 08, 2009

Sekshun 8 to Play Great Adventure Theme Park on July 11th as Six Flags Announces Its Star Studded Lineup for 2009 Summer Concert Series and the Live & Local Concerts

Sekshun 8 to play Great Adventure Theme Park on July 11th as Six Flags announcers its star studded lineup for 2009 Summer Concert Series and the Live & Local Concert Series. Six Flags America announces an exciting lineup of the music industry's hottest acts for its 2009 STARBURST® Summer... - June 04, 2009

Don Ward Plays Two Very Special Live Shows at the Beautiful Walt Whitman Arts Center Theatre This Weekend June 5th & 6th

Sunset Jazz recording artist continues to support his brand new acclaimed, Dreaming CD by playing two very special shows at the world renowned theatre in the new entertainment areas in Camden, New Jersey. - June 04, 2009

Grayscale Plays Listening Party Showcasing Studio Recordings for Follow Up CD, Haunted Hours, for Sunset Records

Grayscale is known for innovative music and is also acclaimed for its innovative ways of presenting their music to the world. The dynamic songwriting duo is now in the studio in Cleveland, Ohio finishing up the final mixes of their sophomore pop album. The band has set up a very special listening... - June 04, 2009

Sunset Records Signs Multi Record Deal with the Georgia Rock Band, Down from Zero

Down From Zero, the greatly buzzed Georgian based heavy metal hard rock group featuring vocalist and guitarist Jason Scott, bassist Jonathon Paul and drummer Brian Doggins, has signed an exclusive worldwide recording deal with Sunset Records. The exceptional trio will release its highly anticipated... - April 30, 2009

Sekshun 8 Signs Major Independent Recording Deal with Sunset Records

Rock Band, Sekshun 8 signs recording deal with Sunset Records today, sets up live show at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park on July 11th and gets ready to release the Black Winged Butterfly CD on July 7th. According to The Billboard Media Wire, Sekshun 8 has signed a multi album recording deal... - April 29, 2009

Tropical Records Inks a Landmark Distribution Deal with the Newly Formed Gee Cee Records and Dancehall Superstar Original Black Panta

The Original Black Panta signs worldwide recording deal at Tropical Records. - April 23, 2009

Reggae Legend I Kong Signs New Deal with Tropical / Sunset Records

Award winning roots reggae legend, I Kong, has signed a new distribution deal with Tropical/Sunset Records this week. The deal gives the Tropical Records label a re-release of the Forgotten Man catalog title to begin the multi LP deal in April. - April 23, 2009

Full Moon Features is Celebrating 30 Years of Producing Horror Film’s with the Release of the Very Special Full Moon Archives Double CD Set

The critically acclaimed, award winning and cult horror film icon, Charles Band releases his very special Full Moon Archives 2 CD Set with Sunset Strategic Marketing (SSM). Everyone is howling at the Full Moon Pictures Archive CD Collection. Full Moon Features founder, Charles Band presents this... - April 22, 2009

Full Moon Features Begins Working with the Sunset Home Visual Entertainment (SHE) Company Releasing the Cult Horror Film Catalog on DVD

Sunset’s home video distribution company, Sunset Home Visual Entertainment (SHE) to offer Horror Cult Film Favorites Full Moon Features Films in its catalog of DVD Titles. - April 20, 2009

LR-60 & Mr. Moods Releases Its Coldest Memories CD Worldwide with Sunset Jazz

Sunset Jazz releases one of the finest Acid Jazz CDs with LR-60 & Mr. Moods on May 5th. - April 18, 2009

Don Ward Releases His Debut Full Length "Dreaming" CD Through Sunset Jazz Recordings on April 28th

Smooth jazz saxophonist Don Ward’s debut release Dreaming is a ten song delightful symphonic jazz masterpiece with melodic grooves interweave a blend of keyboard with constant bass beats. His jazz-mood style of playing is similar to John Coltrane and Miles Davis with magic carpet rides made... - April 14, 2009

Reggae Artist Cryout Announces Two Very Special Live Shows as the Pre Curser for the New CD Being Released This Summer at Sunset’s Tropical Records

Well known respected reggae artist, Cryout is playing live to promote his new album, “Nothing Beats A Failure But A Try.” - April 14, 2009

Sunset Urban Recording Artist Lil Dynomite Teams Up with NYCE Producer Blackwell to Bring You the "Blowin’ Up the Mic" CD on April 28th

Lil Dynomite of Sunset Urban Records and her Blowing Up The Mic CD is set to hit stores on April 28. The talented recording artist is teaming up with top producer, Blackwell whom produced the full length CD. The label started working the first single, “Different Breed” to radio beginning this week. - April 04, 2009

Sunset Urban Records Artist Capt. Crunk to Release Highly Anticipated Live Freestyle HipHop CD

Sunset Urban Records artist Capt. Crunk announces the worldwide release of "Freestyle Crunk," a 12 song full length CD on March 31. His Freestyle CD will be bundled with his previous hiphop album released at the label last year. The freestyle CD will be available for purchase at the... - April 03, 2009

Spatial Unity is Setting Up the Knock Me Off My Feet for Its Official Release Worldwide Through the Sunset Connect Record Label on May 12

The Scottish power-pop quartet Spatial Unity is surely one of the current pop music scene's most up and coming innovative artists, with its new recording deal at Sunset Connect, the Knock Me Off Your Feet CD is seeing its first breakout hit song and a critically acclaimed full length CD which is... - April 03, 2009

Capt. Crunk and His Live Freestyle Hip-Hop Sound Will Perform in New York City at the Karma Theater

For the first time this year, New York City will behold the impressive Hip-hop & R&B event as five of the freshest freestyle artists rap together at the Karma Theater. - April 02, 2009

Lil Dynomite Ready to Embark on a Summer Filled with Festival Concerts

Sunset Urban recording artist sets up a summer of live shows at popular east coast festivals in support of her new Blowin Up The Mic CD due to hit stores on April 28. - March 26, 2009

The Founder of Sunset Records Opens One of the World’s Most Extensive Animal Friendly and Vegan Related Web Sites

Veg Hed opens its online store providing products never used with animals and strategic partners with activists that are against all forms of animal cruelty. - March 20, 2009

Acid Jazz Duo Signs to Sunset Jazz Recordings

LR-60 is signed for a three-album deal; brings his debut album with Mr. Moods to Sunset Jazz. - March 19, 2009

Sunset Connect Announces Its First New Signing at the Digital Record Label with the Signing of Spatial Unity

Spatial Unity from the United Kingdom becomes the first Sunset Connect signing at the label. Spatial Unity’s forthcoming album is set up for release early this May and will be available at every major online digital download retail outlet in the world. The “Knock Me Off My feet”... - March 17, 2009

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