Challenge Europe Announce Manufacturing Partnerships for Threaded Fasteners

Challenge Europe are delighted to announce their partnership capabilities for sourcing and supply chain management of threaded fasteners on a specialist basis. - July 26, 2020

Challenge Europe – Wire Thread Inserts for High-Strength Threads in Soft Materials

Challenge Europe announce their stock, advice and production service operation for a comprehensive range of wire thread inserts, available in both tanged and tangless variants. - July 10, 2020

Challenge Europe – Ex-Stock Threaded Fasteners for Challenging Times

Challenge Europe are pleased to announce that they have good stocks of threaded fasteners so that customers can be assured of robust supply, especially important at this time of general lock-down when it may be difficult to access many existing channels, and will be just as important when urgent demand is felt in the recovery phase. - May 13, 2020

Challenge Europe Discuss the Risks of Reliance on the Automatic Specification Selection Feature in CAD Systems

Challenge Europe come across the risks of excessive reliance on the automatic specification selection feature in many CAD systems at the design stage which focuses on the need to consult a specialist fastener supplier, especially regarding subcontract assemblies, since it may be that they cannot actually comply with the original drawing. - May 01, 2020

Challenge Europe Discuss the Future of Machine Screws

Challenge Europe discuss the development of machine screws and look to the future, foreseeing better production technologies and higher performance. - March 23, 2020

Challenge Europe Discuss the Differences Between Thread-Forming Screws and Self-Tappers

Challenge Europe explain the differences between thread-forming screws and self-tappers, along with industrial application and best practice. - February 20, 2020

Challenge Europe Announce Ex-Stock Star/Multi-Splined (TORX) Drive Screws

Challenge Europe now offers ex-stock Hexalobular Internal Drive screws (generically of the TORX style) as part of their manufacturing supply service. - January 18, 2020

Challenge Europe Offer Five Types of Socket Screws

Production supply specialists Challenge Europe are pleased to offer five types of socket screws from stock to support the engineering/assembly industries. - December 06, 2019

Challenge Europe Offer Fastener Sourcing and Supply Chain Service to Engineers

Challenge Europe is delighted to offer a fastener sourcing and supply chain service and advice on specification of fasteners to manufacturing design and production engineers. - December 04, 2019

Action Can from Challenge Europe for Manufacturers and Installers

As specialists in the world of industrial threaded fasteners, the team at Challenge Europe are pleased to announce stocking of the Action Can range of industrial aerosols. Explains M.D. Kevin Moorcroft, “We deal every day with manufacturers, installers and service engineers who are in... - July 24, 2019

Challenge Europe Address Urgent Need for "O" Rings

Challenge Europe enhance stock levels of sealing “O” rings to meet urgent demand. - June 28, 2019

Challenge Europe Offer Thread Locking Devices, Ex-Stock

Challenge Europe are pleased to offer ex-stock thread locking solutions for general industrial assembly purposes. One of the most common and simplest solution to problems of vibration loosening of threaded fasteners is by use of a conventional locking nut or half nut. Use of a full nut provides an... - June 08, 2019

How to Choose a Screw Drive – a Brief Guide from Challenge Europe

Kevin Moorcroft, M.D. at Challenge Europe, explains some features of different screw drive types. Anyone regularly using simple slotted drive screws – with a traditional straight bladed screwdriver, will be aware of its shortcomings – with a power driver then even more so. The... - May 26, 2019

Specialist Screws in Various Materials and Finishes Available from Challenge Europe

Industry screw specialists Challenge Europe recently announced the breadth of screw materials and finishes they work with on behalf of their industrial/manufacturing customers. The rational for using various materials or treatments/coatings is usually either technical or cost based. This can vary... - May 12, 2019

Challenge Europe Take Aim at Theft, Vandalism and Equipment Tampering with Hafren Fasteners

The need to safeguard against theft, vandalism and tampering is an essential part of many design specifications and Hafren security fasteners from Challenge Europe are used in a vast range of security applications in projects and manufacturing all over the world. - April 28, 2019

Threaded and Helical Inserts Available Ex-Stock from Challenge Europe Ltd.

Challenge Europe are delighted to carry an ex-stock standard range of metric and imperial threaded inserts for use in the manufacturing and installation industries. - April 17, 2019

Challenge Europe Announce Stock/Supply Capability for Hex Drive Bolts and Screws

Hex headed high tensile bolts and screws, together with hex drive socket head cap screws, are the mainstays of industrial fastening and as such are stocked in depth by Challenge Europe as part of their supply partnership philosophy. Standard high tensile formats include non-flange hex head and... - March 25, 2019

Industrial Screws – Now Available Ex-Stock from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe now stock industrial screws in metric sizes to ISO and DIN standards, also imperial to BSI and ANSI with other national/international standards available to order. - March 08, 2019

Safe and Secure – Fasteners from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe, in conjunction with their sales partners Hafren, are delighted to offer security fasteners, with a new dedicated section on their website where engineers can find shear nuts and shear bolts, 2 hole head machine screws, clutch head screws, pin hex head self-tappers (also 6 lobe pin head self-tappers) with Nogo™ and Armour Ring™ devices. - February 22, 2019

Challenge Europe A4/ASTM 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners for High Corrosion Environments

Challenge Europe are pleased to announce ranges of ex-stock nuts, bolts, screws and washers in A4 stainless for manufacturing and service/maintenance requirements. - January 06, 2019

Challenge Europe Rework and Retro-Fit Service Announcement

Challenge Europe announces a new rework and retro-fit service for changes to mechanical fastenings or the fitting of electronic components such as sensors. - December 08, 2018

Challenge Europe Announce Fastener Stock and Delivery Service Packages for Manufacturers

Challenge Europe announce a versatile stock and supply system to take much of the worry out of the process of managing the supply chain for large numbers of small fasteners. - December 03, 2018

Challenge Europe - a Nuanced Approach to Manufacturing

Expert guidance from Challenge Europe on bolts, studding and fixings supports robust procedures to ensure reliable quality and performance at highly competitive prices. - July 18, 2018

Challenge Europe Discuss the Advantages of Modern Mechanical Fasteners

Challenge Europe discuss some of the advantages of modern mechanical fasteners, including their structural integrity, strength and security designed to encompass the needs of vandal-resistance. - July 16, 2018

Challenge Europe Updated Fastenings and Fixings Brochure

A new quick reference fastenings and fixing brochure is available from Challenge Europe for both standard and custom components. - June 09, 2018

Special and Custom Fastener Parts from Challenge Europe Now Available

Challenge Europe specialise in small volume manufacturing projects – custom special jobs which are a problem for bigger manufacturers where it is not cost-effective for them to program large and expensive automated equipment. - May 24, 2018

Nuts from Challenge Europe – Reaching the Parts Threaded Holes Cannot Reach

Challenge Europe provide a wide selection of specialist nuts, including the popular nyloc nut, plus the combi nut with integral washer for load spreading/anti-vibration purposes which saves fiddly assembly, loss of washer, etc. - March 03, 2018

Bolts and Studding from Challenge Europe Quicker to Use in Many Production Environments

Challenge Europe can supply a full range of flange bolts/screws which are quicker to use in many production environments than discrete bolt/washer assemblies – saving time and loss of components. - February 17, 2018

Challenge Europe Offer Support to Customers Seeking More Than Just Placing an Order

The team at Challenge Europe can offer strong background support for customers seeking just a bit more than simply placing an order for screws and are on hand to sort out a range of problems. - January 31, 2018

Miscellaneous Consumables from Challenge Europe Match Fastenings and Fixings

Challenge Europe are pleased to announce ex-stock supply of miscellaneous consumables to complement their range of fastenings and fixings. - December 09, 2017

The Right Engineers-Pin for Your Project – from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe offer their expertise in detailing engineering pin types, fit, tolerance, material finish and cost so that customers can find the optimum pin, and pin fitting system for their project. - December 01, 2017

New Fastenings and Fixings Brochure from Challenge Europe Offers Standard and Custom Washers

A wide range of standard and ex-stock same-day despatch washers available from Challenge Europe, along with special washers to customer drawings. - November 23, 2017

New Challenge Europe Brochure Addresses Rivets

Rivets for production assembly or installation purposes from Challenge (Europe) Ltd. - November 03, 2017

Standard Threaded Fasteners – Technical Support from Challenge Europe

The new brochure from Challenge Europe provides an insight into the specialist range of threaded fasteners available, along with the depth of support available, from troubleshooting an existing application to defining and developing a new product. - October 21, 2017

New Brochure from Challenge Europe Covers Socket Screws

The new brochure from Challenge Europe describes their range of standard socket screws in steel and stainless steel which are suitable for general engineering production situations. - October 07, 2017

How to Specify a Threaded Fastener Product

Challenge Europe explain the considerations required when specifying a threaded fastener to ensure the right product is selected for the job. - September 16, 2017

Brass Threaded Inserts from Challenge Europe Ltd

Challenge Europe can supply a range of brass threaded inserts for use in the manufacturing and installation industries. - August 26, 2017

Thread Forming Screws for Plastics from Challenge Europe

Thread forming screws for plastics available from Challenge Europe for the assembly of everything from electronic equipment to furniture. - August 24, 2017

New Security Fasteners from Challenge Europe

New Hafren range of security fasteners available from Challenge Europe - anti-vandal and anti-tamper screws and nuts. - July 30, 2017

Production Oriented Fasteners from Challenge Europe

Kevin Moorcroft from Challenge Europe describes the different types of threaded fasteners available to support the production requirements of the manufacturing industry. - July 15, 2017

Challenge Europe Support Growing UK Manufacturing Industry Demand for Threaded Fasteners

Challenge Europe service packages for the supply of standard and custom threaded fasteners. - May 26, 2017

Challenge Europe Announce Ex-Stock and Custom Sealing Washers for Manufacturers

Large stocks of sealing washers such as Dubo rings and Dowty washers are available from Challenge Europe, also those manufactured from rubber, EPDM, neoprene, silicone, nylon and fibre. - April 22, 2017

What Screw Head Type Should I Use?

Challenge Europe discuss the question "What screw head type should I use?" - March 26, 2017

Many Threads on Industrial Screws and Fasteners Stocked at Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe explain about the different types of thread forms for industrial screws and fasteners available. - March 12, 2017

Industrial Screws – Many Sizes, Many Threads from Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe discuss different types of industrial screws, including sizes, threads and head configurations. - March 02, 2017

Challenge Europe Explain How to Choose the Right Material and Finish for Threaded Fastener Systems

Challenge Europe discuss different materials and finishes for threaded fastener systems. - February 10, 2017

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