Veronica Waldman, a Principal at Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc., Implements Cash Referral Program

The implementation of DWGI's Cash Referral Program evidences yet another industry leading mechanism that expresses DWGI's respect for the valued patronage of its global clientele. - May 05, 2020

Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc.'s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Diamond & Custom Jewelry Profits to Benefit Charity

18% of the profits from all of Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc.'s international diamond & custom jewelry sales during the coronavirus (COVID-19) global lockdown will result in a charitable donation benefiting the ASPCA. - April 22, 2020

Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. Ratifies Distinguished Ethical Jewelry Pledge

Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. is at the forefront of the global campaign to eliminate human rights violations in the international diamond, gemstone and jewelry trade's respective supply chain(s). - April 22, 2020

Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc. Embraces the Lessons of "Blood Diamond" & the Kimberley Process

"Blood Diamond's" ethical, social & environmental message(s) are bolstered by Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc.'s loose colorless diamond and natural colored fancy diamond conflict-free acquisition policy in strict accordance with the Kimberley Process. - December 16, 2019

Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc.'s Quarterly December 2019 Premium Rough Diamond Tender

Diamond Wholesale Group, Inc.'s Quarterly Rough Diamond Tender is Highlighted by Premium 8.00++ Carat Natural Rare White & Natural Fancy Color Rough Diamond Calibrated Matched Parcels & Significant Larger Individual Premium Rough Diamonds - December 09, 2019

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