Pace Women’s Justice Center Updates Supporters and Partners at Cocktails for a Cause

Pace Women's Justice Center gathered supporters at Sonora Restaurant for annual Cocktails for a Cause. - May 25, 2023

Pace Women’s Justice Center Volunteer Attorney Receives NYSBA’s 2022 Jonatha Lippman Pro Bono Award

Scarsdale, NY resident recognized for providing free legal services to underserved residents of Westchester and Putnam County as part of Pace Women's Justice Center Pro Bono Program. - February 02, 2022

Pace Women's Justice Center Hosts Webinar with Author of "Mothertrucertrucker," Moderated by News12 Journalist

Pace Women’s Justice Center (PWJC) will host a virtual conversation with award-winning essayist Amy Butcher, author of "Mothertrucertrucker: Finding Joy on the Loneliest Road in America," on January 19th at 7PM, led by News 12 Journalist, Blaise Gomez. A personal conversation between two women, who are all too familiar with the reality of female fear and abusive relationships. Set on a backdrop of the Alaskan Wilderness, the book explores just how galvanizing friendships between women can be. - January 15, 2022

Six Pace Women's Justice Center Volunteer Attorneys Recognized by the New York State Attorney Emeritus Program

PWJC Pro Bono attorneys were recognized by the New York State Attorney Emeritus Program (NYS AEP) for their generosity of time and experience. NYS AEP requires 60 volunteer hours over a 2 year program; six PWJC attorneys volunteered a total of 1,848.75 hours in just one year during the pandemic. - January 09, 2022

Pace Women’s Justice Center and Executive Director, Cindy Kanusher, Receive Awards from New York State Bar Association

On Pace Women's Justice Center's 30th anniversary, the nonprofit and its Executive Director, are recognized for their commitment to increasing access to justice. They are the first organization from the Hudson Valley to receive the Denison Ray Civil Award. - January 07, 2022

Pace Women’s Justice Center Focuses on Empowerment During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Join the Pace Women’s Justice Center (PWJC) for a month-long celebration of Empowerment during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. PWJC’s free civil legal services provide victims of abuse and sexual assault opportunities and resources to empower themselves and start their journeys away from abuse and towards healing. Please join all three events this month. Your support will directly help victims of abuse. - September 23, 2021

Pace Women's Justice Center Presents the Spring S.I.P. (Still in Place) Series

Virtual events that bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence, culminating in an exclusive performance by mentalist, Jason Suran. A unique opportunity to view his smash hit show "RECONNECTED." - April 05, 2021

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