AUVESY GmbH and MDT Software, Inc. Join Forces to Form AUVESY-MDT as the Global Leader in Industrial Automation Software

From today, AUVESY-MDT moves forward with a joint product roadmap and under one brand. AUVESY-MDT now serves more than 2,500 leading manufacturers across more than 50 countries. The companies’ Never Stand Still mission is to ensure that customers around the world experience less down time in their production. - January 13, 2022

MDT Software and Acronis Partner to Create a Single Solution for Critical Automation Data and Devices

This solution, combining the MDT AutoSave and Acronis Cyber Backup products, provides rapid recovery from device failures, human error, and cyber-attacks. The new AutoSave Image Backup module validates, schedules, and provides revision control for image files, created by Acronis, for rapid disaster recovery. - September 18, 2021

New Release of AutoSave for System Platform Supports AVEVA System Platform 2020 and Simplifies Deployment Requirements

AutoSave for System Platform is an AVEVA Endorsed Technology Partner Product providing object-level change management for AVEVA System Platform. The latest release of this product supports System Platform 2020. When paired with the System Platform 2020 product, A4SP v5.0 runs without the need for an AVEVA DevStudio environment running on the GR node and no longer requires an additional GRAccess license to run. These enhancements provide unprecedented flexibility for customers. - July 15, 2020

New Product Release Provides Object-Level Change Management for System Platform 2017 Update 3

Latest release of AutoSave for System Platform can perform a comparison between two different System Platform objects and comparison of objects between Galaxies. - February 08, 2020

MDT Software Presented with the Water & Wastewater Co-Selling Success Award from Schneider Electric

This award recognizes the successful collaboration between the two companies to support key customers in the Water & Wastewater (WWW) industry. - August 29, 2019

MDT Software Releases the “Next Generation” of AutoSave with a Decision Support Portal

MDT Software Releases the “Next Generation” of AutoSave with a Decision Support Portal

AutoSave version 7.0 features innovative new tools including a portal enabling users to view all activity in the plant through a web interface. The AutoSave Decision Support Portal enable users to view automation device data on workstations, laptops and mobile devices. - May 17, 2019

MDT AutoSave Now Includes Cybersecurity Features to Track Firmware Versions in Automation Devices

AutoSave can now track data such as firmware, software and CPU versions in automation devices. The capability to easily and automatically identify this information, for comparison against published threat reports, will greatly aid automation users to address vulnerabilities in their devices. - November 30, 2018

MDT Software Launches Webinar Series on Safeguarding Manufacturing Automation Against Downtime and Errors by Managing Program Changes

MDT Software has announced the launch of a webinar series featuring information and demonstrations to help manufacturers and utility providers learn how they can protect operations from downtime and errors that can result from unmanaged automation program changes. The first webinar will take place on Thursday, April 19 at 2:00pm Eastern time. Participants can register at: - March 29, 2018

New Product Release Provides Object-Level Change Management for Wonderware System Platform 2017

The latest release of AutoSave for System Platform supports System Platform 2017 and includes enhancements that provide further protection against unexpected change issues that can lead to downtime and product loss. Accompanying this release is an online, self-guided demonstration tool that enables users to experience the features and benefits AutoSave for System Platform. - November 10, 2017

MDT Software Announces the AutoSave Universal Product Suite Providing Source Code Control for All PC-Based, FTP and Ethernet-Accessible Devices

MDT Software, a world leader in change management solutions for automated manufacturing assets, today announced the release of the AutoSave Universal Suite. This group of products provides change management support for all PC-based, FTP and Ethernet-accessible devices used in plant operations. This product suite expands the protection of a plant’s intellectual property with a user configurable method to create programs and track changes source in source files and device data. - February 11, 2017

MDT Software Announces New Release of AutoSave Change Management Software with Support for Windows 10 and Applications

MDT Software, a world leader in change management solutions for automated manufacturing assets, today announced the release of AutoSave version 6.02, the newest version of its software product. AutoSave version 6.02 represents significant technology improvements, applications to simplify product upgrades, and expanded Active Directory integration. MDT also announces support for the German language, enabling plant floor users to interact with the AutoSave software in German. - October 29, 2016

MDT Software Announces the Release of a Lower Cost and Easily Configurable Change Management System for Small and Medium Sized Operations

AutoSave Basic is a simplified version of the industry leading MDT AutoSave software that effectively controls program versions and minimizes downtime for many of the world’s most advanced users of automation. AutoSave Basic features include: low cost, easily configurable with pre-populated project templates, intuitive interfaces designed with the automation engineer in mind, and scalable to meet a growing plant’s needs. - December 03, 2015

MDT Software Announces New Release of AutoSave Change Management Software with Support for Non-Networked Devices

MDT has announced a major expansion of their AutoSave Automation Change Management product to support non-networked devices (PLC, CNC, robots, etc.) This release of AutoSave productizes a multi-year collaborative effort with one of the largest water authorities in Australia to meet their need in managing devices in remote areas across the continent, as well as their large treatment plants. - October 26, 2014

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Adds MDT Software to Its e-F@ctory Alliance Program

Integrating Directly with Mitsubishi Electric Technology, MDT AutoSave Provides Superior Change Management for Industrial Plants and Manufacturing Facilities. - April 18, 2014

MDT Software Selected as a Siemens Solution Partner Automation

As a Siemens Solution Partner Automation, MDT has met quality criteria contractually required to provide solutions for the Siemens range of products and services in the fields of automation and drives. This reflects MDT's technical competence in providing change management for Siemens automation devices including STEP 7, 840D, STEP 5, WinCC and others. - August 31, 2013

MDT Software Expands Change Management Solution to Include Support for PC Backup

The AutoSave PC Backup & Recovery module is designed to manage the creation of disk images and incremental revisions and store these in the AutoSave system. This product addresses an IT/OT alignment challenge in plant automation by allowing plant floor employees to manage their PC backups through the same application that manages device changes while providing IT with oversight of backups of PC systems used in plant operation. - October 27, 2012

AutoSave for System Platform Named 2011 Productivity Partner Product of the Year by Invensys

MDT’s AutoSave for System Platform recognized as the endorsed partner-product that most enhances productivity and optimizes Invensys solutions. AutoSave for System Platform enhances change management at the application object level for graphics, templates and instances of application objects within Invensys Operations Management’s ArchestrA System Platform environment. - January 15, 2012

MDT Software Selected as Invensys Endorsed Partner

MDT and Invensys Operations Management have partnered to introduce AutoSave for System Platform, a product that unites Invensys’ open ArchestrA technology software platform with advanced MDT AutoSave change management and version control software. Invensys Endorsed Partners work closely with Invensys Operations Management to provide the tools and support needed for the development of value added applications that have proven compatibility with Invensys Operations Management’s offerings. - August 06, 2011

MDT Software Announces New Release of AutoSave Change Management Software with Support for Windows 7

MDT Software's latest release of its change management software for automated manufacturing assets includes support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 64-bit server. In addition to user enhancements based on customer requests and input, this release also contains a specialized reporting product and introduces a new license utility tool, the MDT Broker. - July 09, 2011

MDT Software Wins Best Technical Application Award from Schneider Electric Partner Program

Award recognizes MDT AutoSave change management solution supporting Schneider Unity at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - March 03, 2011

Advanced Change Management Support for Schneider Electric’s Vijeo Citect Available with Latest Software Release from MDT Software

New automated change management product manages relationships between Vijeo Citect (CitectSCADA) Include project. Prior to this product release, change management down to the project level was not possible. This functionality is available with the latest release of MDT AutoSave Change Management software. This release includes a number of other usability and technical enhancements. - October 15, 2009

MDT Software Unveils Products for Electronic Approval and Audit Trails of Automation Device and Document Changes

Never before have regulatory requirements been more stringent and the challenge to comply with them been greater for manufacturers. A main component to compliance is proving that manufacturing processes have not been altered without approval and all changes are documented. MDT has developed products that enable electronic approval and provides audit trails for automated devices (PLCs, HMIs, etc.) - July 17, 2009

ARC Advisory Group Features MDT Software in a Solution Guide Revealing the Importance of Configuration Management in Automation Systems

According to ARC Vice President, Consulting Services, Dave Woll “…an overwhelming majority of users struggle to maintain accurate and current records of the configuration and programming of their automation assets. At the same time, users indicated a clear understanding of the consequences of not having accurate records. Obviously, there is both a need and a strong value proposition.” - May 14, 2009

New MDT AutoSave Reports Module Exposes Changes in Automation Layer to Improve Plant Performance

Over 70 unique reports generated from data related to changes in industrial programmable devices help identify problem areas and improve processes, identify manufacturing areas at risk, and validate quality control processes. - April 22, 2009

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