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Medical Billing Software: MPMsoft Selected as Practice Management Solution by

Durable medical equipment manufacturer IceDown, ICD, Inc chooses MPMsoft as its medical billing software solution.

Medical Billing Software: MPMsoft Selected as Practice Management Solution by
Napa Valley, CA, August 14, 2008 --( Over contending medical billing software companies, Durable medical equipment manufacturer has selected MPMsoft as its DME billing software of choice. "Initially we were attracted by the price, but after closer inspection, many things being equal it was the program's functionality and its simplicity that tipped us over the edge; for us 'simple' means lower ongoing cost all around." says IceDown CEO Chris Kirkman.

IceDown (ICD, Inc), a cold therapy solution endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association, is the standard in pain management systems and maker of cold therapy systems that are far advanced from ordinary ice packs. "A bag of frozen peas might do if you're suffering from a hang-over, but if you have a torn rotator cuff' you'll want something designed to supply pain management and blood flow enhancement to the point of injury." says Kirkman.

IceDown supplies cold therapy systems for post-operative orthopedic and physical therapy patients. In addition to the pain management benefits derived from cold therapy, IceDown also provides advanced 'support' and 'compression' features, items known to be useful in promoting the healing of soft tissue.

"In the past it was thought that alternating cold then heat was desired to relieve pain and to promote blood flow, but now we know that heat is more or less detrimental. Today, it's ice on and ice off; and then allow the warming tissue to attract the invigorated blood naturally" says Kirkman; we're witnessing a re-awakening of cold therapy, especially in sports medicine"; MPMsoft’s DME billing software solution helps us manage our medical insurance billing and electronic claims processing.

About MPMsoft.
MPMsoft is a national medical billing software company whose billing software is suited to over thirty medical specialties including durable medical equipment (DME), and which has its appeal in its versatility, low cost, zero monthly fees, low simple flat fee for annual updates, and complete training and support that's included with each software purchase. They can be found online by visiting their website

About ICD, Inc.
IceDown Cold Therapy Solutions is a San Diego based durable medical equipment manufacturer and wholesale distributor of advanced cold therapy systems who delivers their medically approved products worldwide. ICD, Inc can be found online at

Medical Billing Software - MPMsoft
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