DD-WRT Support for WBD-111 and WBD-500 CPU Boards

DD-WRT has recently added support for new WILIGEAR boards WBD-111 and WBD-500 and have a very good comments about the hardware platforms that WILIGEAR produced.

DD-WRT Support for WBD-111 and WBD-500 CPU Boards
Kaunas, Lithuania, August 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- WILIGEAR and DD-WRT announces that a well-known wireless networking platform recently added support for WBD-111 and WBD-500 CPU boards.

Sebastian Gottschall from DD-WRT (a.k.a. Brainslayer) has a great opinion about WILIGEAR products:
"WBD-111 is one of the fastest and most robust mini-PCI platform I have seen for years. Besides, WILIGEAR does offer great support in hardware documentation and reference sources, which allow third party developers to implement own solutions on this platform. This platform could also be a future base for wavesat card based wimax cpe solution and it is ideal base for outdoor CPE solutions and high speed 5 ghz backhaul links. 32 Mb RAM and 8 Mb Flash are outstanding for this price class and quality. I also like the WBD-500, as it is the first high-power rado Atheros SoC solution with 48V PoE support."

The firmware images can be found at DD-WRT website and are available for download now, so do not waste your time and be one of the first to try the new software platform with WILIGEAR products. CPU boards can be purchased at WILIGEAR e-store and all the customers that order more than a 100 CPU boards at a time will have the opportunity to get their wireless equipment pre-loaded with their chosen software image.

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